Journalism as it Might & Ought to Be

Bravo Lara Logan!

She’s a self-described “independent thinker”. “Nobody owns me”. Imagine that!

Journalists — true ones — are supposed to adhere to objective reality. At its best, journalism would be an incredibly noble profession. Instead we get … Jim Acosta and Rachel Maddow. These hacks represent the utter opposite of objectivity.

Lara Logan projects the dignity that only actual objectivity and reason in journalism can provide. Our culture has not seen genuinely rational and objective journalists for a very, very long time, assuming we ever had any at all.

Logan understands psychology, too. She points out what I’ve been saying, that leftist journalists — like all leftists — only talk to each other and only look into ideas, “facts” or perspectives that support their preconceived conclusions. That’s not objectivity. And it’s why they have no concept of how or why anyone could support President Donald Trump. Wouldn’t real journalists try to understand?

Those of us on the “right” have no choice but to hear the perspectives of leftists. You can’t turn on a sports show, an awards show or enter any government-run or subsidized school without hearing the leftist perspective. Leftism is everywhere. It’s the established view. Yet it’s all propaganda.

And as Logan correctly points out, journalists have “forgotten” what they’re supposed to do … assuming they ever knew, or cared. They feed propaganda to people who want their particular propaganda. She’d probably agree with my point that if we already had a dictatorship in America, today’s leftist journalists at places like MSNBC and CNN would be precisely what the dictatorship would mandate. In fact, a left-wing fascist dictatorship could not provide better propaganda than what these phony news media outlets spew out on an hourly basis.

In a better society, Lara Logan would not be so unusual. But things have reached such a degraded and even insane point in our media establishment that her perspectives actually seem as radical as they are refreshing.