Who Reads The New York Times, Watches CNN … and WHY?

Who reads The New York Times? Or the Washington Post? Who actually WATCHES and takes seriously CNN, MSNBC, Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow?

I’ll tell you who: People who like being lied to.

This is why they won’t alter or question any of their views, about anything.

They want to believe that the world is a place where prosperity, virtue and value may be achieved without effort. They have their own subconscious reasons for wishing this to be so. Maybe they’re bitter about their own experiences. Maybe they feel guilty because they believe they had it too easy. Maybe they’re envious. Whatever their true motives, they don’t want to admit them. Disagreeing with them creates pressure on their self-generated narratives, which makes them wildly fearful and consequently rageful.

CNN and MSNBC — along with the bigmouthed, ignorant idiots of Hollywood and the corporate socialist world — portray the illusion once generated by Walter Cronkite and all the rest of the mythological media of an earlier era, that the world is an easygoing place, so long as we RID ourselves of the people, things and ideas that offend us.

It’s childish immaturity devolving, at present, into systematized, open madness.

Donald Trump is their nemesis — NOT because of any particular ideology he holds (for better or worse he’s largely a pragmatist, not an ideologue); he’s their nemesis because he speaks forthrightly, directly, and with unblinking honesty about the things they know to be true, in most cases, but at the same time psychologically struggle NOT to know — and never, ever wish to be SEEN by others (especially their peers) as knowing.

Rachel Maddow, the New York Times and all the rest offer an illusion of truth, irrespective of facts or reality. They provide an articulate, “cool” and respectable-seeming style of talk that appears (to the irrational and uncritical mind) authentic despite its total detachment from facts, logic, freedom, liberty and the very necessities of life these talkers themselves depend upon for survival.

Kind of like a mind-altering drug.

As for AOC, Beto, Bernie Sanders and the more obvious nitwits rising to form a newer and even crazier establishment, they’re simply representations of the delusions of the younger generation (age 18-30, give or take)–who appear convinced that if they lie to themselves more blatantly and more directly than their elders, it somehow gives them moral superiority and physical shelter to last them a lifetime.

Won’t they learn a lot the hard way as their premises crash headlong, 100 mph, into the brick wall called reality.



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