Has America Gone Crazy?

A front-runner, rising star politician in the Democratic Party reportedly ate dirt — as some kind of a mystical ritual — after losing his U.S. Senate race last fall.

Another rising star in his party proposes tearing down every building in America and doing away with air travel in ten years.

Still others propose bringing Venezuela-style socialism to America at a time when millions clamor to get into the country in order to escape that very thing in their impoverished, miserable homelands.

We’re told there are not two genders, but three — and in the same breath we’re told there are no genders. In places with one-party rule like California, you face criminal penalties if you say or imply otherwise.

President Trump is called crazy because he says the honest and obvious truth, things that Democrats and liberals themselves freely acknowledged as recently as five or ten years ago. Now the mainstream of academia and media–overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats–wants Trump not just impeached, but jailed, merely for dissenting views, and they’re prepared to manufacture anything they have to in order to make this happen. Those of us who live in communities dominated by big-mouthed lefties know how President Trump feels.

Has America gone crazy?

Americans have more to lose than any civilization in all of human history. I use the analogy of falling from a five-floor building rather than a skyscraper. Either way will kill you. But in America, we’re falling from a skyscraper if we give up the liberty, individualism and rationality that sustained our country for so long and through so much.

Yet millions don’t seem to care. I base this on the fact that the Democratic Party, the manifestation of all this craziness, thrives as a monopoly in some states (California, New York, nearly half the Union), and as a significant force in others (Florida, Georgia, even Texas).

Something is deeply wrong with a people who sign on for the social, economic and political equivalent of suicide, especially when there’s so much to live for and so much to lose.

When an individual wishes to die and has everything to live for, we call it sad and crazy. When a society does the same, how is it any different?

At the same time, such insanity in one part of the society is an opportunity for the emergence of sanity in another. President Trump’s almost miraculous feat in 2016 shows how that can happen, at least politically. It will have to be more than populism. It has to happen everywhere. It has to happen in the arts, in the sciences, in the humanities, in the academy as well as on Main Street. Sanity has to happen everywhere. It doesn’t have to be everyone; but it must be part of every sector of the culture.

Otherwise, even with a President Trump or some equivalent in the White House, buying us a little more time, we will end up going down.

I don’t believe sanity is dead. Most of the people I encounter in daily life — some of them Democrats, without a doubt — seem perfectly reasonable to deal with. They’re not insane. You can be wrong, deeply wrong, and not insane. America is not done yet. But nothing is guaranteed. Irrational ideas and actions have consequences, over time. But so do rational ones. And rational ones — being rational, and true — will always win out over the irrational, in the end. They have to. Being wrong is weak; being right and correct is strong.

But the people who know they’re right have to speak out — in every field. Otherwise, we’re not going to make it. Stop being afraid. The irrational are impotent. They’re wrong. They sense they’re wrong, and it’s why they become hysterical and threatening at the mere hint of dissension. Let them be that way. In fact, encourage it. It’s healthy. It means you’re getting to them. And it’s the only way we’re going to win.

It’s way more than President Trump. I’m very grateful he came along, and already am grieving the day (even in 6 years) when he’s no longer part of our national picture. But the issue is the culture. The culture is bigger than the government. For liberty, individual rights and the Constitution to survive, the values of individualism, reason, and rationality have to survive and flourish.

If they do, we will come out just fine, in the end.



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