Should Google Be Less Male?

Leftist Fox News contributor Juan Williams recently complained that Google’s workforce is 70 percent male. You can dispute the numbers, but the claim arises from the fact that more men are drawn to the engineering field than women, and Google hires a lot of software and other engineers.

So what?

The burden of proof should not be on Google to justify why it has more men than women. Are there as many women as men entering the engineering fields? If not, why not? Does it matter? The curious should investigate these questions — not Google’s workforce.

In a free marketplace, a company does not hire people for the content of their genitalia. It hires people for the quality of their work ethic, their knowledge and their talent.

Google would not be Google if it suddenly stopped all functioning and said, “We’ve got to fire half of our male workforce and replace it with women — any women.” That’s absurd. Yet that’s precisely the premise Juan Williams and other foaming-at-the-mouth leftists insist upon. It’s nothing new. They’ve been at this for decades. It’s absurd, and it’s time WE — the rational people of the world — called THEM on it. Just once, THEY should be on the defensive for their erroneous and childish views.

For the record, in a free society, a company is free to hire only men or only women, if it chooses. It’s called freedom of choice. It’s also called private property and freedom of association. If a company like Google wishes to sustain its top-rated status, it would be utterly irrational to choose biological or demographic characteristics over the only one that matters — objective talent. But it’s certainly their right.

Also, it’s not Google’s fault if fewer women enter the technological or software fields. For the sake of virtue-signaling, Juan Williams calls out Google for having “too few” women engineers. But if women, as a group, enter the software and engineering fields in fewer numbers, it’s because they chose to do so. In Maoist Communist China, the insane — yet ideologically consistent — dictator Mao Tse-tung reportedly pulled uneducated peasants out of the field to make them doctors and surgeons. All in the name of equality. Is this what leftists want? If not, what DO they want? They never really say. They just whine and complain, like the snowflakes they are.

Equality under the laws of a just, limited government is NOT the same as pretending everyone is equal in talent, choice and ability. Grow up, Juan Williams. Grow up, leftists. Stop harassing people.


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