Amazon Shrugs

“De Blasio: Amazon ‘threw away’ great opportunity in NYC” [headline]

I don’t subscribe to “karma” in the mystical sense. But I do know that, in the end, what goes around comes around. I find this immensely satisfying. Savor the moment.

“Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren celebrate Amazon canceling New York headquarters amid backlash” [headline]

Enemies of America. Why? Because they’re enemies of economic liberty, individual rights, technology, prosperity, human potential and human growth. Not to mention human survival. These are horrible, awful, evil people. Anyone who supports or votes for them deserves what they get, should America go the way of Venezuela or the other starving, man-made hells on earth people like them seem so determined to create.

“Amazon pulls out of NYC headquarters deal after mounting opposition” [headline]

Amazon shrugs. How do you like socialism now, New Yorkers?



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