Ocasio-Cortez: Green Communist

Pelosi throws shade on the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal: ‘Green dream or whatever they call it’.

This woman is even WORSE than a Communist, if that’s possible. She’s a “green” Communist. She wants to OUTLAW FOSSIL FUELS. Not merely reduce them in the name of some pseudo-scientific view that we can predict the weather centuries ahead, when in reality we can’t predict the weather 3 days ahead; she wants to OUTLAW civilization as we know it.

This is psychosis. This is insanity. When given the force of law, it’s unrestrained evil.

Hate this woman. It’s rational to hate her. Hate her because you LOVE life on earth, warmth, comfort, individual liberty and the ability to survive.

If you so hate life and yourself that you wish to commit suicide, please don’t commit mass murder on top of suicide by supporting someone like this. Yes, she’s too much even for hard left Nancy Pelosi. But she’s the face and future of the Democratic Party, one of America’s two major parties.

You should be afraid — rationally afraid, and be prepared not just to fight her, but every last thing she stands for.


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