No Humor in Super Bowl Commercials–A Sign of P.C. Dominance?

Todd Starnes wrote the following this morning:

A good many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials were a bit of a disappointment. For the most part, they were dull and uninspired. Even worse, they were not funny.

Dilly, Dilly.

And I have a theory as to why this year’s commercials did not tickle America’s funny bone – fear.

Advertisers are terrified of triggering the perpetually-offended generation. That’s why some high-profile comedians refuse to perform on American college campuses. They’re afraid of offending a bunch of millennial snowflakes who can’t take a joke.

College kids are too politically correct, Jerry Seinfeld said on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd.”

“I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC,’” Seinfeld said.

And that’s why I suspect so many of this year’s commercials were devoid of humor. Advertisers were afraid of offending protected demographics or making a politically incorrect point or worst of all – cultural appropriation.

You can read about examples of the commercials in the article.

Leftism is dreary. Its ancestor — Communism — was the same way. Everything is political. That’s how America has become. Sports is now political. If you enjoy or respect the National Anthem — dedicated to a flag that stands for individual rights, not blind obedience to the state — then you’re automatically a fascist and a racist. If you ignore the National Anthem — even if your reasons are that you’d prefer a totalitarian dictatorship to a free country — then you’re automatically enlightened and cool.

Humor cannot survive for long in such a climate. Jerry Seinfeld got that right.

Humor implies perspective. Perspective suggests rationality. While humor will always have a subjective or personal element — some people will find certain things funny, others will not — the ideology and psychology of leftism makes laughter impossible. You can’t laugh if you don’t have perspective or rationality.

Leftism is based on the premise that certain things are correct and certain things are incorrect — NOT according to objective facts or logic, but according to whoever one deems to be the authority on any subject.

Living in America in 2019 has taught me that not all dictatorships are political. Dictatorships can be self-imposed, too. Of course, as a therapist I already knew that. But now we’re seeing it on a national, social scale. What I mean is there is no dictatorship yet in America, not officially. There’s no government agency prohibiting what you may or may not say, think or laugh at. The rules are largely unwritten. But these rules of humor and correctness are enforced with the force and fury of a dictatorship — in the minds of the people who obey them. Blind obedience or fear. Those are the two motives behind compliance and submission. That’s what political correctness is.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I didn’t watch the commercials, either. I feared political correctness had contaminated the best part of the Super Bowl, the same way politics has ruined sports, music, entertainment and everything else by its brutally and psychologically self-imposed leftism. If Todd Starnes (an unusually perceptive writer) got it right, then my fears have been confirmed.

America may be the first country in history to impose on itself a psychological dictatorship prior to establishing a full-fledged political one. Once the first is in place, the second isn’t as hard as you think. The people — the humorless sheep — are ready to submit.

The loss of humor in our culture isn’t funny. It’s truly deplorable. And it’s a symptom of the kind of mentality — and the toxic, always leftist control freaks — into whose mindsets and laws we have delivered ourselves.



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