Democrat Abortion Madness: What It’s Really About

Leftist bastions like New York and Virginia (because of Northern Virginia) are passing abortion laws enabling women to terminate pregnancies right up to birth.

This is new. As recently as one or two years ago, you never heard of a pro-choice person saying they wanted abortions legal to this extent. For years there has been some debate over late-term abortions — still before the point of fetus viability — but nothing like this.

What’s going on?

My theory: It’s not really about abortion. At least, it’s not only about abortion. It’s the leftist way of saying, “We don’t care about opposition. We don’t care about dissenting opinion. We simply do not care. We are going to do what we want. Forget court precedents. Forget the Constitution. Forget even our own positions as recently as a year ago. We will rule as we wish. And everyone will go with us.”

They have gone mad, for sure. But it’s madness of power for its own sake.

When they pass laws saying they will make abortion legal into the zone of absurdity — even from a pro-choice point-of-view — it’s their way of saying we can expect the same — about gun control, about free speech, about socialized medicine, about Venezuela-like government control of the economy. About everything.

Be afraid of this new, different kind of Democratic Party. In places where they dominate, they’re showing who they really are. They have revealed their inner totalitarians. Don’t think for a minute it’s only about abortion. It’s about totalitarian control. They’re not arguing for rights by any definition — not for the born, the unborn nor the three-days-away-from-being-born. They’re arguing for control. They’re saying, “We will take control wherever we can, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Rationality is dead in the Democratic Party and the leftist movement. Whether we’re talking about infanticide, 90 percent tax rates or issuing executive orders to disband private insurance companies, or wiping Israel off the map … the mask is off. They are proud of it. They think it’s a good thing. And they want us to know it. There are no moderate Democrats. Just insane ones.

If you’re wise, you will listen. They mean what they say. And be ready to respond with the overwhelming force of will and ideas that will be required to combat this greatest threat to American liberty since World War II. I am sorry to say it, but it’s true: Leftism is America’s new enemy.


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