Shaming Supporters of Border Security is Truly Shameful

I’m hearing the following argument a lot, because it’s Christmas:

“Christians talk a good game about loving their neighbor. But here they want to build a wall to reduce immigration and not help people from Mexico and elsewhere, because of their racism.”

A lot is wrong with this statement. For one thing, the word “help”.

The people who make this claim equivocate on the word “help”. They treat as equivalent the concepts of voluntarily helping someone and the government forcing everyone to “help” everyone else based on mandates and mass numbers.

Charity, like anything else, has to be rational. It also has to be individualized and voluntary, in order to foster its rationality.

A person giving help has to ask, “What am I actually helping the person to do?” If you help a heroin addict by giving him money with no strings attached, then you’re helping feed his addiction. Is that what you want to do? It’s rational to ask such a question, and it’s mandatory that you be left free to decide.

Progressives and leftists are trying to shame advocates of border security — indeed, of any borders at all — into feeling like they aren’t kind and compassionate unless they allow the government to “give” to nameless, faceless people coming to the United States to immediately and perhaps permanently cash in on public education, public health care, welfare benefits, Social Security, Medicare and all the programs yet to come.

It’s NOT shameful to oppose socialism, Communism or any kind of government-mandated help. It’s NOT shameful to point out that such “help” really isn’t help at all. We have voluntary charity organizations for help. In a free country, there’s no law preventing one person from helping another person or group. If you want to help someone, nobody will try to stop you!

The real issue, as I’ve been saying, is not borders so much as the distinction between a transfer-of-wealth, government-run entitlement society versus a free society. The very idea of borders makes socialists and progressives wild with rage and replete with accusations of “racist” because they want a one-world globalist, socialist state.

Globalism would not be an issue in a world where charity is totally voluntary and private, and where governments stayed OUT of the economy. We wouldn’t call it globalism. We’d call it unhampered capitalism or — better yet — simply freedom.

Beyond the current conflict over President Trump and the border wall, these will remain the real issues. Leftists will not rid us of the problem by getting rid of President Trump. The globalist socialists have no solution other than MORE socialism, MORE government control, MORE infringement on the liberty and good will of people in deciding whether, when or whom to “help”. The dead end of their policies is Venezuela, North Korea or Cuba, no matter how much they smirk to the contrary. That’s where they’re taking us, if we don’t put up firewalls like President Trump in hopes of at least stopping some of it. And the only arguments I ever hear from leftists involve moralistic shaming. It’s a symptom of the truth they don’t have facts, logic or reason on their side, and they know it.

Gigantic government programs do not help. They control. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Don’t let these idiotic globalist socialists shame you into thinking or feeling otherwise, even for a minute.

And, by the way — Merry Christmas!


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