Tucker Carlson & The Predictable Leftist Shrieks

Headline: Tucker Carlson Decimates Far-Left Boycott Of His Show Over ‘Dirtier’ Comment

Nationally or locally, leftists are all the same. They take something out of context. They distort and twist it to suit their petty purposes. They look to their concept-challenged and anti-intellectual peers to preen with agreement (generally on leftist Twitter or Facebook) and then congratulate themselves internally on their faux superiority. Heaven help us if THIS is the sort of mentality that brings down America, the greatest and most moral country in human history.

From the show’s transcript:

Those who won’t shut up get silenced. You’ve seen it a million times. It happens all the time. The enforcers scream “racist!” on Twitter until everyone gets intimidated, and changes the subject to the Russia investigation or some other distraction.

It’s a tactic. A well-worn one. Nobody thinks it’s real. And it won’t work with this show. We’re not intimidated. We plan to try to say what’s true until the last day. And the truth is, unregulated mass immigration has badly hurt this country’s natural landscape.

You go, Tucker Carlson.


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