James Comey, You Arrogant Twit

“This is not about Republicans and Democrats, this is about ‘what does it mean to be an American?'” Comey declared. “What are the things that we care about? Above our policy disputes, which are important, there’s a set of values that represent the glue of this country and they are under attack…”

You arrogant twit.

How dare you talk about what people care about? You care for nothing other than your own expediency and lawlessness. The rule of law means nothing unless you live in a country that respects individual rights. All of the available evidence–compounded by your silence when it’s convenient–shows how you put your political preferences above objectivity, justice and the rule of law every time you had a chance. On top of it, the candidates and rulers toward whom you show bias–Obama, Hillary Clinton–are the least concerned for liberty, the Constitution and individual rights.

You are sickening.

You don’t hate President Trump and his supporters directly. You hate being held accountable. You hate us because we try to hold you accountable. Not that you’ll likely ever face any legitimate legal liability for your crimes, and the crimes of those you have protected, including but not limited to Hillary Clinton. But the moral echo chamber you and your leftist-socialist-fascist kind inhabit makes it impossible for you even to conceive of verbal accountability for any of your actions. You cannot fathom being questioned–and it sends you into anxiety (always followed by a ranting rage, such as your tweet)–when somebody actually does challenge you.

And now you hide behind the people you once condemned, such as the Bushes, the “old” Republican Party and Fox News — claiming they represent reason and justice when just 3 years ago you claimed no such thing.

You hate Donald Trump because he stands up to you and the rest of you leftist totalitarians who have pushed the rest of us around long enough. We will keep supporting President Trump so long as he keeps calling you out for what you are. I only wish he could or would do more. In due course, perhaps. And President Trump won’t be the last you hear from those of us who support him. We are just getting started.


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