Michael Cohen’s Case: Are We Already Living In a Dictatorship?

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney, was sentenced to three years in prison after he pled guilty to tax evasion, making false statements on a bank loan application, lying to Congress about a building project that never even got off the ground and a questionable campaign finance violation.

We all know he would never have been investigated, much less convicted of anything, had he been President Barack Obama’s attorney, or President Hillary Clinton’s. We know that for an absolute fact, because far more guilty persons (including Obama and Hillary Clinton) never have been investigated or indicted, and probably never will be.

Would any prominent Democrat ever be convicted on such counts? Of course not. Democrats are neither convicted nor indicted when there’s evidence of far more blatant lawbreaking, such as spying on presidential candidates or physically harassing political enemies.

If you want evidence of a “Deep State”, this is the best available. Here we are two years into a Trump administration. It’s Donald Trump’s Department of Justice, yet it’s largely acting like Barack Obama’s or Hillary Clinton’s. Sean Hannity calls it a two-tiered justice system, and he’s absolutely right. It’s not new with the Trump administration. Republicans and non-leftists have always been treated differently, though in recent years it has become brazen and done in the open.

Americans are already living under something like a dictatorship. It has descended on us slowly and gradually.

If a law were passed tomorrow declaring that Democrats will not be subject to any legal consequences for their actions, while Republicans will be, then you’d call this an outrage and injustice characteristic of a dictatorship.

But the treatment received by Michael Cohen and anyone else supportive of President Trump’s administration indicates we are already living under the same premises as a dictatorship.

“But Michael Cohen broke the law,” you might say. That’s probably true. But that’s a small issue compared to the larger one, that members of the protected political class are immune to prosecution while the politically incorrect will be indicted and convicted whether they’re guilty or not.

Injustice is irrational. No government — or society — can go on like this. President Donald Trump has a lot of strength, endurance and persistence. We all know most Republicans do not. What will it look like when the final evidence that we’re living in a dictatorship reveals itself? What will it look like? Or are we already there?


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