The Democrats Have Their Own Wall — Against Reason & Reality

So let me get this straight.

When Obama was President, Democrats supported a border wall.

Now that Donald Trump is President, they want no part of it.

What changed?

“Donald Trump is a racist,” they will say. But if his wanting to build a border wall is evidence of his racism, then wasn’t their own desire to build a border wall in the past evidence of their own racism then?

They will not have to answer the question, because nobody will ask them.

And if anyone does, they will be called hateful names — all in the name of the supposedly loving leftist philosophy!

It’s circular reasoning of the worst kind.

Basically, Democrats are against anything Donald Trump supports. If they used to support it, even a few short years ago — no matter, they’re against it now.

It’s not rational. It’s not objective. It’s not freedom-loving. Donald Trump does not fit their image of a compassionate totalitarian, a sick thing for them to want — but it’s what they seem to want.

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