50 Ways to Get Called a Racist in 2018

1) Say you voted for Donald Trump.

2) Say you’re going to vote for Donald Trump again.

3) Ask how Barack Obama ever became President.

4) Express disgust over late-night political propaganda masquerading as “comedy” shows.

5) Support lower taxes.

6) Advocate for laissez-faire, unhampered capitalism.

7) Point out how nobody you know with low income has health insurance despite the continuing existence of the Obamacare law.

8) Use the phrase, “Peace through strength” in support of a strong military.

9) Ask what’s wrong with being rich, if you honestly earned it OR legally inherited it.

10) Suggest that being a victim isn’t an achievement, but merely a tragedy.

11) Point out that the Second Amendment isn’t for governments or armies, but for private individuals. Governments and armies already have plenty of protections.

12) State that there’s no such thing as a “hate crime”, since there’s no such thing as a “love crime” and feelings/thoughts/ideas are NOT against the law — not in a free society.

13) Spread the eloquent words and ideas of Thomas Sowell (a black intellectual at Stanford).

14) Uphold individualism over collectivism and group-think.

15) Ask how anyone can support socialism when — consistently practiced — it led to starvation, despair and collapse in Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela.

16) Saying anything nice — ever — about a police officer.

17) Point out that the economy is doing better since Trump became President, taxes were cut and regulations cut.

18) Expose the lack of logic in “celebrating diversity” when tolerance for the intolerable — fascism, Communism — destroys everything, including diversity.

19) Ask for a straw in a restaurant outside of California.

20) Suggest that you can’t have a massive welfare state AND open immigration, at least not if a country will survive.

21) Wishing to do anything other than be within earshot of Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.

22) Dislike Oprah, finding her smug.

23) Say anything at all critical of Michelle Obama.

24) Point out that Joe Biden would never be in the running for President unless he had been selected by Obama as vice president precisely because he came in last when running against Obama in 2008, and therefore could make Obama look more credible.

25) Love Ayn Rand’s ideas in Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead and elsewhere.

26) Dislike Joy Behar — even though Joy Behar cannot possibly like Joy Behar.

27) When asked how a gay person can vote Republican, ask in return how a gay person can vote for a candidate like Obama, who repeatedly lectured Americans for being too critical of Muslims and gave money to fundamentalist, terrorist-sponsoring Iran, knowing full well Iran would proceed to build a nuclear bomb.

28) Bring up the Pulse (gay) nightclub shooting in Orlando, 2016 — ever. Because evidently it never happened.

29) Criticize leftists for any reason, question anything they have to say about anything — ever.

30) Desire a limited government.

31) Wish for a culture without politics — including sports, comedy, entertainment.

32) Wonder aloud why Hillary Clinton has not been indicted or prosecuted for anything at all yet — and might not ever be?

33) Ask how Democrats can dismiss Donald Trump as misogynistic while upholding Bill Clinton — and the wife who excuses his sexually predatory behavior — as masters of the universe?

34) Quietly boycott Starbucks.

35) Ask Facebook to please explain their “Community Standards Guidelines” in concrete, objective terms.

36) Hold and express opinions of any kind — especially political — in any way that offends leftists.

37) Applaud Donald Trump when he asks what good has the government done generations of people stuck in the slums living off the government dole?

38) When told, “You are your brother’s keeper” respond by asking, “Why?” and demanding proof.

39) Suggest it’s not right for women who accuse men of sexual harassment or abuse to be believed without question, and the men to be charged without evidence.

40) Ask how Social Security and Medicare can sustain themselves with America $21 trillion in debt (and rising).

41) Question the credibility of global warming alarmists who keep changing their story and claim to know the weather 1,000 years from now when the best technology available can hardly tell us the weather two days from now.

42) Object to the phrase “you must give back” when you never took a thing from anybody — ever.

43) Label Barack Obama’s statement to innovators and entrepreneurs, “You didn’t build that” as the single most unAmerican thing ever uttered by an American President.

44) Agree with Donald Trump that most of the media is an enemy of the American people, because most of the media spews lies and left-wing ideology while masking as “objective” — surely an intellectual crime, if not a literal one.

45) Refuse to say anything mean about Donald Trump in a group full of leftists who will not tolerate a single dissenting voice.

46) Have a self.

47) Think for yourself.

48) Point out “Medicare for all” is a joke when Medicare as we know it already strangles patient and doctor choices with regulations and red tape, something you never find out until you’re old and sick (unless you’re a health provider).

49) Use the words “it’s a free country” in any context where a leftist will not get his or her way.

50) Be serene and happy, because to a leftist this is ALWAYS at another’s expense, and leftists cannot stand a world where people are not suffering.


Notice the common denominator here? Not a single one of these things that will get you called a “racist” in 2018 has anything to do with race.

And that’s the state of our culture.


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