How Would the U.S. Respond to Pearl Harbor in 2018?

Would the United States respond to Pearl Harbor with all-out war against the Japanese, as it did in 1941?

Only because Donald Trump is Commander-in-Chief. Otherwise, I highly doubt it.

President Trump would face ferocious opposition, if Pearl Harbor happened today. He’d be called a “racist” for daring to attack Japan. Leftists would call him “nationalist” and chauvanistic for daring to proceed as if the United States were morally superior to a country that attacks it. Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin would be screaming from the rooftops at the very thought America should defend itself. They’d demand not that we strike back against Japan, but that we open up our borders and let the entire country come in and devour us.

President Trump would be called a “Nazi” and an anti-Constitutional dictator for having the audacity to engage the military in a quest to wipe out a mortal enemy. They’d scream, “Who is HE to decide who’s morally better or morally worse? How dare he judge?”

Former President Obama would engage in a preemptive world apology tour, declaring things like, “Well, I’m sure Japan considers itself exceptional, just like America considers itself exceptional. So what?”

Bill and Hillary Clinton would collect cash donations to aid the Japanese in advance for the destruction President Trump could be expected to level against Japan. College campuses would erupt in flames as the hyper-sensitive demanded crying rooms to cope with the trauma of thinking about bombs being dropped on Japan.

The problem with our world today is that most of the elites and the scholarly speak as if everyone and everything are morally equal. And they act as if the United States is the scum of the earth and everyone is its victim. In theory, we’re all the same, whether we attack or are the victims. In practice, it’s always and only the United States that’s wrong, and always the victimizing country that’s right.

I could understand — not respect or like, but understand — such a mentality if the people advancing it used their liberty to live in countries other than the United States. But the people who preach and speak the most loudly against the values of individualism, private property, the right to free speech and self-defense are the ones who simply will not leave. Consider all the Hollywood Communists who bloviate on a daily basis.

If Pearl Harbor happened in 2018 with Donald Trump in the White House, I’m confident there would be a massive and deserved retaliatory attack against Japan. But the pushback from the elites and the left would rival that of the attack itself.

The sad truth is that in 2018, we have an enemy, and it’s not Japan. It’s the hard-core leftists in media, academia and corporate America who seek to obliterate our rights, our Constitution and what’s left of our nation. They are the bad guys we’re facing today.


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