As France Burns, Socialist Macron Pushes Green Socialism

Brexit architect Nigel Farage has condemned France’s President Emmanuel Macron for spending more time “virtue signalling” to the world than connecting with his own people, which he said has resulted in the escalation of violence at Yellow Vest protests.

The Member of European Parliament and former UKIP leader told Trish Regan on Fox News Business Monday that while the Yellow Vest protests began with the issue of ‘green’ taxes, in its third week it has evolved to express dissatisfaction with the global ruling elite, specifically 40-year-old President Macron.

“What we saw in the last couple of days was the third week, now, of these protests and a level of violence not seen in France since the student uprising in 1968,” Mr. Farage said, “so it would appear that these protests are gaining momentum.”

“It’s now more about an elite out of touch,” he explained, adding, “Macron, the great globalist, the former investment banker who rarely seems to leave Paris, virtue signalling to the world whether it’s about global warming, or about the free movement of people.” [Source: Breitbart]


France’s socialist president has imposed environmentalist “green” taxes on a population of people already weighed down with taxes, regulations, and corporatist subsidies. Of course, the majority of people are not victims. The majority of people are the same ones who keep voting for socialists to give them more, more and more.

Sooner or later, as Margaret Thatcher famously said, the socialists run out of other people’s money.

Energy or “green” taxes represent more than socialism. They are a punishment. They’re a punishment imposed by the globalist socialists elites — like Macron, France’s Obama — against the little people who rely on fossil fuels to heat and cool their homes, run their cars, refrigerate their food and light up their hospitals. Macron will always be taken care of, so he has more to gain (he feels) by virtue-signaling his supposed moral superiority to leftist globalist socialists throughout the world than by actually solving real people’s problems — by getting the government the hell off their backs, and by trying to educate them about how they’re not entitled to socialist programs, and would, in fact, flourish much better without them.

Unfortunately, France has not learned. Neither have the people in America who just voted in a Democratic House of Representatives. It’s tempting to say they will just have to learn the hard way. But what makes us assume such hard-headed and ignorant souls will ever learn anything?


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