The Media’s Sudden Love Affair With George H.W. Bush

Notice the left-wing media fawning over the death of former President George H.W. Bush.

That same media didn’t care for him at all when he was in office. They couldn’t wait to usher him out as a one-term president, and replace him with Bill Clinton. (They succeeded).

Why do they love him now?

When the first President Bush was in office, I remember one thing about him. He used to tell the Democratic Congress, “Send me a civil rights bill I can sign. Send me a tax bill I can sign.” He let the Democrats and media set the agenda, and promised to enact it — as much as his conservative Reagan-supporting base would let him. While more respectful than today’s utterly corrupt Republicans (e.g., Paul Ryan), it was just as dishonest. That’s one reason why the Republican Party was moribund and irrelevant after President Reagan and before President Trump.

And then of course there was the infamous, “Read My Lips — No New Taxes” pledge. It’s almost as if it were a message to himself, to try and steel himself against the temptation to raise taxes he knew he would experience. He did experience it, and he caved. In the process, he destroyed the Reagan coalition until … the election of Donald Trump 25 years later.

The real message in all this: President Bush the First let the left, the Democrats and the media set the agenda. He claimed to want what Ronald Reagan and the more conservative wing of the party wanted — lower taxes, fewer regulations, more free markets — but in practice it was always another story.

Keep in mind that President Bush the First was a one-term president because conservatives fled him in droves, in 1992, to vote for Ross Perot. Ross Perot was the Donald Trump of his day, and obviously Bush’s loss due to Perot was an omen of things to come. The Republican Party was dying back in George H.W. Bush’s day, ironic after Ronald Reagan’s success in its temporary resurgence. Today, it’s dead and gone. Donald Trump simply filled the vacuum.

Keep this in mind as the media swoons, fawns and preens over George H.W. Bush, calling you a racist if you don’t go along with it, as they did after John McCain’s death. This is the same media that called you a racist back in 1988 and 1992 if you voted for him.

In the last forty or fifty years, only two Republican presidents — Reagan and Trump — have done anything to advance the agenda of a strong defense, lower taxes and fewer regulations on business. That’s precisely why the media hates them so much, and precisely why they take the time to fawn and swoon over the ineffective and hapless Bushes.


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