Regulating Twitter? Careful What You Wish For, Conservatives

A conservative radio host was recently banned by Twitter. Twitter reinstated him after a interview with the popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Twitter reversed its permanent ban on conservative radio host Jesse Kelly on Tuesday after the platform received substantial backlash over its initial decision.

“The account was temporarily suspended for violating the Twitter Rules and has been reinstated,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Daily Wire. “We have communicated directly with the account owner.”

Kelly was suspended on Sunday for undisclosed violations of Twitter rules, which sparked immediate backlash on the platform from noteworthy accounts across the political spectrum.

Walking back shadow-banning and blocking of conservatives on social media is not unusual. It’s not universal, but it’s not unusual, either.

The little fascists who run and work in these social media companies are cowards. All fascists are. They seek to hide behind government control (worst case: government brutality) in order to play out whatever issues they have with themselves or others. Government is their Big Daddy Mean Mommy, and government is all they have. They love government power and authority, which is why they are authoritarian leftists in the first place.

Consider it a word of warning about regulation. With government regulation of social media, as many conservatives call for with Facebook and Twitter, you would see a much harder, carved-in-stone policy. It’s naive to think the “deep state” of the federal government would do the President’s bidding under a Trump administration. And just imagine what would happen under the next Democratic administration. Let’s get real–there’s going to be one, at some point.

I wish Facebook and Twitter didn’t ban people with dissenting views. But I wish more fervently for the equivalent of a Fox News — when Fox News came on the scene back in the 1990s, as an alternative to one-sided CNN and NBC, etc.–for social media. Nothing else will save us.

Conservatives usually claim to be advocates of the free market. You have to put your principles where your mouth is. Even on a pragmatic and purely practical level, the kind of banning we face now on social media–nasty as it is–pales compared to what government officials can be expected to do, particularly under a Democratic administration. Careful what you wish for, conservatives.



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