Why is Nancy Pelosi so Mean, Ruthless and Rotten?

Yesterday I heard a pundit comment, “I wish the Republicans had a leader in Congress as ruthless as Nancy Pelosi.”

This leads to the question: Why is Nancy Pelosi so ruthless and mean?

The real question is: Why are Democrats so ruthless and mean?

Two answers.

One, socialism is a mean ideology. It’s an ideology of brute force. It’s based on the premise that people are stupid, don’t know what’s good for them, and morally/intellectually superior people in the government do know what’s good for them. It’s not just an opinion; it’s a mandate. Socialism is not merely a view that “people should help each other out and be kind”; it’s a view that “people WILL and MUST help each other out and be kind–as the government defines these terms–OR ELSE.”

Socialism is mean. So of course its most prominent leaders are mean, ruthless and nasty.

Second reason: Socialists, while immoral, actually believe they have morality on their side. Most Republicans do not.

Socialists are immoral because they rely upon brute force — and ultimately dictatorship — in order to achieve their impossible, undesirable ends. But as anyone trying to have a discussion with a leftist Democrat already knows, socialists and Democrats are utterly convinced they have morality on their side. They’re utterly wrong. But they’re not up against worthy opponents in Republicans, at least not most of the time. A worthy opponent would be equally sure of his positions on capitalism, freedom, private property, liberty and individual rights. And Republicans generally don’t have the conviction. Donald Trump has a lot of conviction, and it’s what makes him so unusual. But he has surely been the exception and not the rule in the Republican party, and I see no indication that anyone like him will come along after he’s gone.

In a rational society, meanness and ruthlessness would not matter. Mean and ruthless people like Nancy Pelosi and her many cohorts would seem trivial, foolish and ultimately impotent. In reality, they are. But they’re up against such easy opposition most of the time that it brings us back to what the pundit asked: Why can’t Republicans have someone like Nancy Pelosi in charge of Congress?

In the White House, they already do. The difference: President Trump is a good man, and is usually right. Nancy Pelosi is mean, bad and rotten — and on matters of liberty and freedom, is literally always wrong.

Let the match begin.


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