The Lesson of the Democratic Defeat in Florida

Florida Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott has defeated Democratic Senator Bill Nelson after a manual recount put Scott ahead by approximately 10,000 votes.

“Barring any further legal challenges from the Nelson campaign, the outgoing governor will become Florida’s junior senator in January, joining fellow Republican Marco Rubio in the Senate,” USA Today reported on Sunday. “It will be the first time since Reconstruction that the state has had two GOP senators.”

The lesson of the Democratic “recount” in Florida? Fraud does not win.

In a metaphysical sense, fraud never wins. Reality and facts are what they are, no matter what the fraudsters claim. However, fraud does sometimes “win” in a psychological and political sense. Increasingly today, American politics is dominated by bad people who lie, cheat and steal — often out in the open, almost proudly — as Democratic officials did in Florida. Yet they still lost.

The main reason for this victory: The First Amendment. Because we still have free speech in the United States, it was possible to talk about, mock and factually expose these lying imbeciles like Florida official Brenda Snipes for what they are.

Democrats are going about this all wrong. They feel that because Donald Trump is President, they are morally and legally permitted to do anything they wish. Their dishonest self-righteousness was always there, but President Trump merely provides them with the necessary rationalization to carry it out.

What they’re not smart enough to realize is that you need a dictatorship in order to attain the one-party rule they so badly want, and have already largely achieved in places like California. But while the legal and political deck is stacked overwhelmingly against anyone right of center, from college campuses to the phony “objective” media outlets of CNN, MSNBC etc., the fact remains: We still have freedom of speech.

Look for the Democrats to double down on their efforts to obliterate the First and Second Amendments. They’re totalitarians at heart and, like all totalitarians, they feel entitled, self-righteous and empowered to do whatever they wish. In the months and years to come, dissidents — i.e., nonleftists — will need to assert both their First and Second Amendment rights to ensure the hacks who almost stole an election in Florida never get the unchallenged power they so crave.


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