Democracy Can’t Work in an Irrational Society

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” This quote is attributed to Josef Stalin. And that’s certainly how it’s starting to look in Florida and elsewhere in America.

Democracy depends on many things. One, an ability to count. With our advanced technology, that’s a no-brainer. Democracy also counts on a willingness to honor the truth. If you don’t like the outcome, you still accept it — even if your guy or gal didn’t win.

Honoring “the truth” implies a recognition of something called objective truth. The numbers are the numbers, regardless of your feelings or your ideas about the way things should go.

All of this is totally missing from the Florida election battle. The clear premise of the whole fiasco, based on the facts we’re learning, is that so long as Democrats win, the election was valid; and whenever they lose, all hell breaks loose. [See the Fox News story here.]

This isn’t objectivity. This isn’t adherence to the numbers. This is politics over reality, and opinions over facts.

No matter who ends up Governor or Senator in Florida, rationality has already lost the battle, and the war.

No good can come of that. With an individual, the moment you learn a person lacks integrity and honesty, his or her credibility is totally obliterated. Even Democratic leftists will usually agree that a spouse who lies and cheats on you is not a good thing. But when entire political parties, including their representatives in key posts such as Florida, are caught lying, cheating, leaving out relevant information, or doing whatever it takes to get the desired result — then that political party and movement is over, so far as any rational  or decent person is concerned.

But Democrats — and the people who still support them — seem unconcerned with facts. Democratic leftist Bill Maher has said that the election fiasco in Florida is a dress rehearsal for President Trump not stepping down from office in 2020 if he loses. But how does Florida prove that? The actions, attitudes and blatant dishonesty of the Democrats in Florida suggest that about Maher’s party, not about Trump’s. The level of self-deceit and psychological projection of these Democratic leftists is simply breathtaking.

Democracy is not the most important thing, by the way. Individual rights are. Democratic elections are a means to an end, a way to help people participate in choosing the people who will uphold their rights. There is no right to wealth redistribution, freedom from offensive speech, gun confiscation and the other things Democrats demand. Even if you could get people who advocate these things legitimately elected, they would have no right to impose these unconstitutional polices on the rest of the population.

When you come to understand that the Democratic Party no longer cares for the Constitution and for actual, objective individual rights because it no longer cares for rationality, then you’ll realize how hopeless and gone they truly are. Florida is just the latest example. And it won’t be the last.


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