Much Ado About Kanye

The uproar in the media and throughout the culture over Kanye West’s meeting with President Trump has nothing whatsoever to do with the content of the meeting.

Kanye West is a rap music performer. He’s not an intellectual. The overwhelmingly Democratic media’s attempt to analyze the whole affair intellectually reveals their actual reaction: Horror that President Trump is getting some popular members of our entertainment culture on his side.

That’s a problem — for them.

The sad reality is that lots of people don’t think for themselves. They will look to their heroes in sports, music or entertainment to tell them how to think.

The elite cultural media believes most people are too stupid to think for themselves. That’s an overstatment and an overgeneralization, although it’s a bias and prejudice on the part of people who dominate the profession.

Nevertheless, some people do depend on their music idols to tell them how to think.

Many of Kanye West’s fans are undoubtedly black. It’s imperative, from the typical media person’s point-of-view, that no Republican politician — least of all, Donald Trump — ever be considered “cool”.

Ignore all the headlines and stories saying things like Kanye West “meandered” or somehow “upstaged” President Trump. Disregard the self-evidently psychopathological opinions of people like Chris Cuomo on CNN who opined it looked like Trump was thinking racist thoughts while in the presence of Kanye West.

These are the comments and knee-jerk reactions of people who are petrified — positively terrified — that if even 2-3 percent of the black vote moves over to Donald Trump and like-minded Republicans, it could be curtains for the Democrats for a very long time to come.

You don’t have to fall into the trap of analyzing Kanye West or his meeting with President Trump intellectually and politically. It’s not that at all. It’s all about power. Democrats control the media and most of the government-influenced corporate world. All they care about is power. They are social metaphysicians, meaning they define reality and truth by what others think of them. They crave power because it tells them others love them, and they are therefore valuable. Everything they do — Chris Cuomo and the whole crazy bunch — is through the conscious and subconscious prism of power.

If even a tiny bit of their power is threatened, they literally start to go insane. I believe President Donald Trump knows this. He exploits it magnificently. And it’s an utterly amazing, hilarious and beautiful thing to watch. No career politician could ever have pulled off what Donald Trump did by inviting Kanye West to the Oval Office.

Expect more to follow.


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