Why President Trump Wins, and Why It Makes Leftists Crazy

President Trump nailed a core issue with Democrats when he said at a recent rally:

“Democrats believe they’re entitled to power and they have been blind, in a blind rage, ever since they lost the 2016 election. They have gone loco. They have gone loco. They have gone crazy.” [Facebook link to Trump’s remarks here.]

He named the real issue behind most of today’s political craziness: False entitlement. False entitlement isn’t only behind political craziness; it’s behind most craziness. Concentration camps, groupthink, narcissism, toxic families and relationships — you will find false entitlement in all of these things.

President Trump does things Republicans don’t usually do: He wins.

Republicans, conservatives, and the large ideological/cultural tent that comprises America’s “right wing” are like Cinderella. They never win, because the culture is against them. Until they started winning.

“The culture” refers to the pompous idiots in entertainment, music, sports, technology companies and financing who — while perhaps very good at what they do — have no remote idea about human nature, human psychology or the kind of ideas and political systems that lead to human progress. The vast majority of them have never cracked a philosophy, psychology or economics textbook. The small number who have done so only read the bad ones, and only get one point-of-view.

No Republican President or leader would ever, ever have stood up so brashly and bluntly to America’s cultural establishment. It goes way deeper than finances and voting blocs. It goes to the heart of everything.

Leftists remind me of terrorists in the following respect: Their sense of false entitlement. They feel so entitled to rule the whole show, without any kind of obstruction, that they end up justifying anything they do. They destroyed a man’s life and career without evidence, and blatantly, openly declared they have a right to do this. Why? Because they’re leftists, because they’re on the side of women, they think, and being on the side of women consists of (insultingly) believing everything any woman says, particularly when it advances a political agenda to which they feel entitled.

False entitlement is the definition of narcissism. It’s the definition of terrorism, when people destroy others’ lives on the premise, “I’m entitled to live in a society where nobody challenges my ideas, attitudes or beliefs.” No movement can survive on this premise, and with the Democrats it has escalated to a shrill, insane and truly unsustainable degree. Either that movement will implode on itself, or it will destroy the rest of us. If we fight it, it will not destroy us.

Sadly, there’s no middle ground on this one. It’s the leftists who have made that clear. Remember that.

That’s why you have to be ready to take them on, because they’re not going to stop with any one election or Supreme Court nomination. America has withstood many enemies in the past. These include British royalists, Southern slaveholders, German Kaisers, German Nazis, fascists, Japanese imperialists and Soviet Communists. We defeated these enemies, and we can defeat Democrats. But we have to grow the same kind of backbone. President Trump exhibits that backbone, and it’s why he’s winning on so many fronts.


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