First Joe Biden, Now Chris Coons: Delaware’s Dumb & Dumber

U.S. Senator Chris Coons — competing with fellow Delawarean Joe Biden for title of the Stupidest Man Alive — thinks he’s really cool, because he single-handedly redefined the centuries-old Western/American standard of justice this week. He took it from “innocent until proven guilty” to just the opposite when he said ALL men accused of sexual harassment are guilty unless proven innocent (which, if they are Republican, we know they never will be).

Today Coons almost cried when he thought that Republican RINO Senator Jeff Flake (also vying for Stupidest Man Alive) might vote for Brett Kavanaugh, although later Flake changed his mind and tried to have it both ways.

If men like this had been in charge of the Constitutional Convention, America would still be a wilderness and probably a gigantic political prison camp. Heaven help us all.


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