True or False: NOBODY Would EVER Lie About Sexual Assault

“Why would anyone ever lie about sexual assault? What does Christine Blasey Ford have to gain by lying?”

The evasiveness and naivete of the question takes my breath away.

It’s like asking: “Why would anyone lie? It’s not rational to lie. So why would anyone lie?”

People lie about things because they believe it will gain them something better. That’s the whole reason we put the burden of proof on the person making the accusation. Otherwise, any of us could lie about anything we want without consequnce.

Yes, it’s sad that people cannot always prove that wrongdoing was done to them, perhaps because nobody was around to witness it. But that doesn’t justify throwing reason, logic and justice out the window.

And remember: We’re not being invited to do so all the time. We’re only being invited to do so when it serves a particular political purpose — ALWAYS a leftist one.

Some polls (even one at Fox News) suggests a majority believe the accuser, no matter what. Or they try to read the accuser’s mind by looking at things like number of eye blinks, twitches, body language, and so forth.

I didn’t know the lack of critical thinking had reached such a point in our culture that we squander the valuable time of our highest legislators on this kind of thing. It’s really tragic. In a truly great society, this would not happen.


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