Why Are Republicans SO Easy to Manipulate?

Why is it so easy to manipulate and “play” Republicans?

Look at the absurdity of this Supreme Court nomination process, and Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.  “She can’t come Monday. Yes she can. No she can’t.  Wait. No, Tuesday. She can come Thursday. No wait. More conditions first! Stop harassing her! She has a right to be heard! Leave her alone!”

A ten-year-old could see what’s going on here. So why can’t the typical Republican?

It’s not that Republicans are stupid. It’s just that they’re not good at being diabolical. Not like Democrats.

Government and politics are all any Democrat has. They know or care about nothing else. It’s not that they love government and politics. It’s that they love power. They love money, for sure. Making money in politics is the best way to be rich while being sanctimonious at the same time: “Well, I’m rich because I’m doing good. That’s different.” But most of all, it’s power.

There are certainly Republicans who are the same way. But there aren’t as many. And most of the Republicans are driven by other things.

Republicanism is, at least nominally, about limited government. About letting the business of America be business. That means the private sector, with only a minimal government sector. About getting government off the backs of the people. Lowering taxes, reducing regulations. Much of it is merely nominal, and some of it is actual. Unlike any Republican President since Ronald Reagan, President Trump is delivering on some of it. The economy booms because of it.

But on the Democratic side, there’s none of that. Nominally and actually, it’s ALL about the pursuit of power. It’s all about expanding government power—for themselves, of course. They know how to play the game, not just because they invented the game—but because they ARE the game.

Democrats know how to motivate hapless people who want to be lied to. There are people – there always will be – who view life through a lens or prism of victimhood. They love victims. Deep down, they view themselves as victims. And they love victim groups. Blacks, gays, transgenders, raped women—they thrive on turning people into victims, whether they actually are (as individuals) victims or not. It makes them feel moral. It makes them feel superior. It makes them feel important. Like a drug addict hooked on heroin or cocaine, they don’ t know of other ways to feel this way. Government is their drug. It’s the way to keep the whole process going, because without it, they’d be lost. Or so they believe.

Sure, there are Republicans somewhat like this. But Democrats are TOTALLY like this. They are the career politicians—the manipulators, the pushers, the Big Daddy and Big Mommy pimps with the loot—to whom newbie politicians turn in order to learn how to become career politicians. John McCain was one of their best students and converts. Why do you think they mourned his loss so much?

Donald Trump is not perfect, not by anyone’s definition. But he is so NOT the things these Democrats are. Whatever drives or motivates him, it’s not the things that drive and motivate these Democratic career politicians who take pride in bringing one of America’s most important Constitutional processes—the selection of a Supreme Court justice—to a halt, merely because they can. Donald Trump has to be stopped, in their eyes. Not because he’s Donald Trump, but because he’s not one of them. He really is not one of them, and never cares to be. This makes them wild with rage, almost with literal insanity. It explains why when confronted with Donald Trump, they act like heroin addicts about to have their substance taken away.

It’s what we’re watching play out right now in our crazy, dysfunctional Imperial City. When you consider it all started with men like Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, James Madison and George Washington, it’s a mighty sad spectacle to watch.

But it’s where we are. Maybe if more of us come to understand what it is, we can finally change it.

One thing is certain: We cannot go on like this. And we won’t.


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