Three Ways Leftists Resemble Savages

Leftists and Democrats — self-described “progressives” — claim to be the cool kids. The rational ones. The enlightened ones. The morally superior who know what’s best, not just for you, but for all of humankind.

That’s the image they convey. And with about half of the population, it appears to have worked.

But reality is another matter.

Leftists do not epitomize twenty-first century enlightenment and forward thinking. Quite the opposite. In at least three key respects, they are more like savages.

Way # 1: They are all about the village. Not the individual. “It takes a village” to build a society. YOU didn’t build that, as Obama once said; the village did. That’s how savages think — and operate. Go to any third world country. They’re run by villages. In villages, everyone is considered equal. In practice, they’re equally incompetent. In a meritocracy, which is the opposite of a village, people are free to think — to be crazy, to be brilliant, to be whatever their minds tell them to be. And (thanks to individual rights, including property rights, which savages do not respect) others are free to accept or reject them. In most cases, the crazy brilliant types are rejected at first — even persecuted. But eventually their valid knowledge becomes well-established truth. In villages, these persecuted geniuses never have a chance.

Way # 2: They believe in mystical, illogical associations. “Donald Trump causes hurricanes”. They really believe this. Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris “climate change” accords. That makes him evil. No wonder we’re having hurricanes. But didn’t we have hurricanes before? Sure. But mystical and superstitious people who make loose, arbitrary associations don’t care about that. All they know is, “Hurricane scary. Hurricane bad. Donald Trump made hurricane. Donald Trump bad.” That’s all the logic and reasoning they need. If you doubt me, read The Washington Post. They do it in an articulate style, for sure. They write out their loose associations like a twenty-first century, well-educated scholar. But it’s every bit as crazy to the remotely critical, objective thinker.

Way # 3: They believe in force. You’ve probably seen the memes making fun of leftists. The memes say something like, “If I like something, government must pay for it; if I dislike something, government must outlaw it.” It’s literally true. Leftists want force. They want people to be forced to pay for — and even buy, as with Obamacare — things leftists consider valuable. And they want things they don’t like outlawed. Guns, for example. Or speech they consider hateful, which means any speech they dislike. And the next step — any ideas they dislike. The Bill of Rights does not matter to leftism. All that matters is the use of force — eradicating things they dislike (by force), and subsidizing (through force) things they do like. In this key respect, leftists/Democrats are very much like primitive savages.

The village…erroneous logical associations…the indiscriminate use of force. These are all necessary components of leftism. These are what Democrats want, now more than ever. They are the elements of savages. They’re also the elements of totalitarianism. And they’re getting more consistent about it with each passing day.


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