Why Democrats and Statists Are Gleeful Over Hurricane Florence

Democrats, and their friends in media, are licking their chops at the impending disaster of Hurricane Florence.

It’s because they’re statists. Statists love the state, i.e. the government — because they love power.

Pain, vulnerability and suffering create the opportunity for pain and power. As Obama’s own chief of staff said when coming into office during the financial crisis, “Never waste a good crisis.” They know what they are doing. They are exploitative. To them, suffering is an opportunity.

Hurricane Florence provides Democrats huge opportunity. It’s an opportunity to advance their unscientific theory of “global warming”, a theory which shifts based on the facts of the moment. It’s an opportunity to expand federal control and regulations. It’s an opportunity to harass vulnerable people, in effect telling them, “You didn’t build that. The government does it.”

Statists do not love the government itself. They love their own power. Government gives them that power. That’s why they’re in a perpetual rage over Donald Trump having the power of the presidency at the moment. They will use the opportunity of Hurricane Florence to show how he didn’t do enough. They already have their talking points memorized. The facts will not matter.  It’s not human beings they care about. It’s the use of human beings to expand their power and influence. It’s all they ever cared about.

Suffering victims of hurricanes and other disasters are, to statists and Democrats, the means for consolidating and expanding power. It’s the mentality of sadists and mental abusers. “You need me” does not flow from compassion and empathy. It flows from, “I want you to need me, so I will have power and control over you.” It’s all about control.

Yes, many Republicans are statists too. But Democrats drive the bus. Republicans are merely hapless passengers, leaving aside the few good ones.

If Democrats seem gleeful at the prospect of an impending natural disaster, this is why. They’re not good people, these statists we have given power unauthorized by our Constitution. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can get rid of them, and truly drain the swamp.


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