Why We Do Not Need “Labor Day”

We don’t need Labor Day. It’s heresy, I know. Today is Labor Day. What kind of person would be against a national holiday? I’m not against holidays. But I am against a holiday called Labor Day.

Why? Because “Labor Day” was founded to celebrate the labor union movement. The labor union movement was based partly on Communism. Remember that Communism was considered ideal at one time, and not only by psychopathological professors living off government funds on university campuses. Somewhat reasonable people also considered Communism, socialism and collectivism an ideal at one time, too.

That time has passed. If the fall of Soviet Russia and Communist China, not to mention Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela, were not enough to prove that to you, then I cannot help you.

If we don’t need Labor Day, what do we need?

Freedom and liberty. Hands-off, totally free market capitalism — where nothing is against the law, other than force or fraud.

Freedom and liberty include economic liberty. Economic liberty refers to the freedom to earn what you want, and to keep what you earn. That liberty applies to all situations equally — workers and employers, small money makers and large money makers, big businesses and small businesses. Although we are not all equal in ability and motivation, we are all equal under the law. That’s the meaning of capitalism and free markets. And it’s the polar opposite of socialism and Communism.

Nothing in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence ever stated — or implied — that liberty only applies in non-economic areas. It’s across the board. Just as what you do with your body or your mind is up to you, what you do with your money and property is up to you.

It’s silly to celebrate only labor. Labor is part of what people willingly do in a free country to better their existence. In a Communist country, you labor for the sake of your fellow man, which in practice means — for the government, for the Swamp of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

I’m not saying we’re a totally free country. Clearly, we are not. I am saying we should be one. The closer we get, the better.

It’s not about celebrating labor. It’s about celebrating the freedom to produce, in whatever context you are able and willing to produce.

We need more holidays like the 4th of July and fewer ones like Labor Day.


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