Of Course Andrew Cuomo Doesn’t Think America Ever Was Great

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shocked a crowd today by saying in a speech, “America ‘was never that great’.”

It didn’t shock me.

I have come to understand that Democratic politicians are actually enemies of our country.

By “country” I mean our Constitution. By our Constitution, I mean the Bill of Rights in particular; the First and Second Amendments most of all.

Democrats are routinely at war with the Constitution. They support federal funding for college campuses that openly censor conservative and libertarian speech.

They say nothing in opposition to Antifa, a raging terrorist group directed against peaceful Republicans.

They seek to disarm the population by ignoring or even repealing the Second Amendment.

They evade the right to free speech for anyone who utters what they call “hate speech”, which simply means at odds with their views.

They seek to nationalize the practice of medicine and turn the American economy into a fascist enterprise run by politicians in Washington.

These are the positions of enemies of America and its Constitution. Plain and simple. It’s an ugly fact, but it’s one we have to face. It’s staring us right in the face. If you’re shocked by Andrew Cuomo’s words, then you haven’t been listening to Democrats all along.

When Andrew Cuomo says America has to become great, he means that it has to become socialist. He means we have to disarm ourselves, literally in the case of guns and metaphorically — yet powerfully — in the case of politically incorrect ideas.

Democrats have been on a collision course with America’s Constitution for a very long time. Eventually they had to reach a dead end. That dead end is here.

Don’t say they didn’t warn you.


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