President Trump Did Not “Divide” Us — Leftists & Democrats Did

I am sick of people — basketball megastars, or anyone else — claiming that President Trump is “dividing us”.

The same people who say this supported the most divisive figure of modern times — Barack Obama. Remember that Obama never brought Republicans to the negotiating table on Obamacare or any other issue. He simply sneered, “Try winning an election.” They did, and now witness the results.

Nobody can “divide” or “unite” us, not without our consent. Leftists and Democrats provided that consent to their leaders, most notably Barack Obama, long before Donald Trump dreamed of the presidency.

People who hate President Trump hate him because of his policies. They think there should be no immigration laws, no accountability for Islamic terrorists, no reductions in regulations or taxes and no questioning of environmentalist and other leftist dogma.

They are the ones who have decided — and stated many times — “Either you’re with us, or you’re racist scum.”

You don’t treat human beings the way these idiotic celebrities do and then expect there to be no division. They’re the ones who created the division in the first place.

Leftists brought all this on themselves. They are the ones overwhelmingly and disproportionately in charge of universities, sports teams, corporations, media outlets, social media platforms and Hollywood production studios. If they wanted, they could aid in unity any time. Yet they never do.

“Deplorables”, as they call us, come in all sizes, shapes, temperaments, races, social classes and sexual orientations. They ignore these millions of people at their peril.

Divisiveness consists of scorning, shunning and even silencing those who don’t share your views, instead of inviting them to debate rationally and civilly.

This state of affairs isn’t on Donald Trump. It’s on Barack Obama and all the other leftists in the Establishment he represented.

When you treat people like they’re fundamentally inferior to you merely because they think differently, then you’re never going to have unity. Donald Trump’s presidency is a long overdue attempt to fight back.


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