Why Are Only Right-Wingers in the Closet?

Do you ever wonder why all the political “closets” these days are on the right — never the left?

To illustrate my point, consider some headlines or statements you never, ever will hear said by anyone:


“Uh oh. My family is coming to visit. They’re all Republicans. We’re Democrats, and we have to keep quiet. We don’t want to make them mad!”

“Hollywood celebrities who oppose President Donald Trump fear reprisals and blacklisting.”

“Republicans lost a special election. Crying tents were set up in offices and on campuses to cope with the grief.”

“Boycotts against businesses who support Democrats initiated.”

“Democrats thrown out of restaurant by Trump-supporting owners.”

“Public school students boycott class to show support for President Trump, American capitalism and the Second Amendment.”

“Republicans storm a softball game of Democratic Congressman and open fire.”

“Nancy Pelosi attacked while mowing her lawn and subsequently hospitalized.”

“Obama speech shut down by Trump supporters physically assaulting Obama fans.”


I write a daily blog generally supportive of President Trump, laissez-faire capitalism, the Second Amendment, individual rights and the objective superiority of a pro-reason, pro-Western, individualist culture over primitive and tribal societies. I receive lots of praise and some hate mail for my columns. Does the hate mail ever say, “Now don’t tell anyone I wrote this, but I really don’t like what you’re saying”? No way. The Big Mouths and the intimidators — “I’m going to get you for what you’re saying!” — are always, without exception, on the left side. It’s the conservatives and various right-wingers who tell me — almost on a daily basis — “Now don’t tell anyone, but I agree with what you’re saying. I can’t say so aloud, because I might lose customers … but keep it up!”

It tells you something about the opponents of capitalism, Western culture, rationality and liberty: Intimidation is their game. They know they don’t have reason, logic and facts on their side. That’s why they never use reason, logic and facts to support their points. They know that without objective truth to back up their claims of socialism, political correctness and all the rest, their only recourse is intimidation. That’s why we get sneers, threats and hostility — and nothing else.

If you agree with the things I’m writing, you have to remember one very important fact: Your opponents are weak. They confess their moral weakness and intellectual impotence every single time they threaten, sneer, name-call or cajole. It’s all they will ever do, because it’s all they will ever have. The strong and the right don’t do these things. Leftists do — constantly.

And that’s why you’ll never hear of headlines that say things like “Hollywood conservatives rise up against anti-Trumpers”. It’s the conservatives and liberty-lovers who are afraid. It’s the statists, bullies and Big Government totalitarians who feel empowered, and at liberty — ironically enough — to say, threaten and do whatever the hell they please. The eighteen-month temper tantrum we’ve witnessed in American culture since Donald Trump became President has no precedent in American history. It’s embarrassing, shameful and too insulting to children to label it childish. It’s downright malevolent.

Do you see the irony here? Haters of individual rights and freedom are the ones exercising the most of these things. Intellectually, they are parasites. The individual rights they seek to deny for anyone who disagrees with them they greedily and happily take for themselves. Ditto for economic prosperity.

It has to stop.

If you truly love the First Amendment, you ought to adopt the policy of “Use It Or Lose It”. Because if you don’t use your right to free speech while you still have it, you’ll have no business complaining when the leftists have shown us they mean every word they say (they do) and they seek to ultimately silence us all. If you doubt that they mean it, ask anyone who lives in California, and who’s not a hard-core leftist, what the psychological atmosphere is like there. It’s a lot like being a Jew in the years leading up to Nazi Germany.

If you love life, yourself and your freedom: Come out of the closet. #WalkAway from stupidity. #RunAway, don’t just walk. Not just from the Democratic Party, but from all forms of organized and institutionalized stupidity.

Be proud of your views and when you can summon up the courage — express them.

The Big Mouths have had the stage for long enough.

How wonderful it would be to live to see the day they go into the closet. They belong there, and deep down I think a lot of them know it.


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