Democrats Have Gone Full-Blown Socialist…And You’re Surprised?!

The Democratic Party has gone full-blown socialist.

It’s obvious by now. Increasingly, their platforms and winning candidates call for things like free college, free cradle-to-grave health insurance, and a guaranteed income.  All those things are socialism.

Democrats are no longer the party of Big Government. They’re now the party of unlimited government. Government-funded campuses will permit no dissenting opinion outside of hard left socialism. Orwellian-named “Anti Fascist” protesters grab and attack Trump supporters and face few legal consequences, and no moral outrage from a complicit media. Bye-bye, First Amendment.

More and more Democrats openly call for repeal of the Second Amendment.

Forget immigration enforcement; hence the call to abolish ICE. Democrats know that hordes of poor people entering the country will put those immigrants immediately and (they hope) permanently on the government dole. This provides unlimited power for socialist Democrats for an unlimited period of time. It works. Look what happened in California. Yes, California will eventually turn into Venezuela from the unchecked socialism. But to Democrats, in the long-run we’re all dead anyway, so who cares?

Some decry the Democratic Party’s newfound socialism as the victory of “extremism” over reason. But reason and logic tell us something. They tell us that once you accept a faulty premise, either you’ll have to identify and change that faulty premise, or you’ll be forced to act on it all the way.

It’s kind of like a little bit of lying. Or a little bit of murder. If you said, “I can lie sometimes, just so I don’t get caught and nobody gets hurt,” eventually you’ll feel falsely empowered by your lying and stretch the limits further and further. Or if you said, “I can murder this one person I don’t like, just this one time—never again,” you’ll eventually find you’re a full-blooded murderer.

It’s similar with government and socialism. For decades, Democrats tried to get away with just a little bit of socialism here and there. And then it expanded. From retirement insurance. To health care. To nationalization of schools. To subsidies for everything imaginable, forcing businesses and private enterprises to be in good positions with the government. To political correctness, an offshoot of government’s subsidizing of, and meddling in, the fields of business and education. Then after the financial crisis of 2007—generated by government-created incentives for banks to provide faulty loans—the federal government essentially took charge of the banking and lending industries.

At some point, either Democrats would have to reverse course and become advocates of freedom, private property and real capitalism – or collapse into the all-out totalitarianism and socialism we’re now seeing. This development should not be a surprise. I’m frankly surprised that so many are surprised. People like me have been saying (and in my case writing) this for years. Weren’t you listening?

The human mind cannot sustain contradictions indefinitely. It’s similar with an entire society. A society, after all, is nothing more than a large bunch of human individuals. The trends of a society reflect the way most of those individuals are thinking.

I’m not at all surprised to find so many Democrats revealing their long-time yearning for all-out socialism.

What’s a little more disconcerting is the unleashing of their long-time yearning for all-out totalitarianism, represented by their complete disregard for First and Second Amendment rights. Democrats cut off their pro-Trump or Republican friends and relatives in a way Republicans did not do when the Democrats ran the government. To cut off family and friends as many Democrats are now doing – I hear of it every single day – shows just how deep-rooted their totalitarian mindset is. “My way or the highway. Agree with me – or off with your head.” Ever hear of the disastrous French Revolution? Or the Civil War? The psychological atmosphere of our time is very, very similar.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump and the moribund Republican Party he took over, that side of the aisle is the only side left that isn’t for complete control of the individual by the government. The Democrats are lost, gone and deplorably irredeemable. They are all the things they claim their opponents are. That’s scary, but it’s the truth. Better to acknowledge the truth now before they regain full power and let us know how much they mean it.


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