A Quick Review of What the Democratic Party Stands For

# 1  Impeach President Donald Trump — because they don’t like him.

# 2  Abolish ICE — because they don’t like it. How are we to enforce immigration laws without a police force? Simply go back to what Obama did — ignore the laws. Better yet, abolish them. Let anybody and everybody in. Most of all, let in Muslims and people who don’t wish to work. We want those two groups most of all, according to Democrats.

# 3  Single-payer health insurance — Medicare for all. Make all doctors work for the government. Run hospitals like the bankrupt, inefficient and unaccountable post office. The only difference is that post offices don’t matter much anymore. We’ve got email, texting, the Internet, FedEx and UPS. No equivalents will exist for the more urgent matter of health care.

# 4  Raise taxes. Didn’t lowering taxes just give a surprising boost to the economy? No matter. High taxes make progressives feel good. Raise taxes.

# 5  Restore all regulations the Trump administration has done away with; and then regulate like gangbusters, like Obama did for eight years. What about the economy, particularly small businesses hardest hit by irrational and draconian federal regulations? No matter. Democrats feel best when there are rules and laws, so long as those rules and laws are enforced by Democrats.

# 6  Make sure Planned Parenthood keeps getting funded. As if cowardly Republicans in Congress will ever stop funding anything that Democrats and progressives feel that strongly about!

# 7  Make sure Iran gets its nuclear bombs by restoring Obama’s illegal treaty.

#8  Make sure the economy tanks for good by restoring Obama’s anti-capitalist, anti-economic growth Paris accords.

#9  Ditch the Second Amendment by initiating massive gun controls.

#10  Ditch the First Amendment by regulating or outlawing hate speech, and restoring Obama’s takeover of the Internet (the Orwellian “Net Neutrality”). Oh, and did we mention let lots and lots of Muslims into the country? Most of them hate the First Amendment too.

Why should we vote for Democrats? What do they have to offer? What are they for, and why?

Through their screams, shouts and emotions, it’s very clear what they’re for by looking at what they’re against. They are against economic freedom. They are against liberty. They are against the right to choose where it counts the most — in our physical defense, in our right to speak, and in our right to economically grow and prosper. They are against the Constitution. They are against the individual and in favor of the State — at every turn, on every point, in every way.

The Republican Party may be flawed, weak and contradictory. The Democratic Party is simply totalitarian. We only have one Party left that might not enslave us. It’s a sad state of affairs. But if you vote Democratic in 2018 and going forward, that’s what you’re voting for. Stop evading the truth.


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