How Far Left Will the Democratic Party Go?

Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons is worried his party is alienating moderate voters by moving too far to the left.


“If we as a Democratic Party are going to move from a minority at every level that is dedicated to resistance, to a majority that is capable of governing, we have got to move from grievance to optimism,” Coons said in a speech on Thursday, according to US News and World Report.

“And we’ve got to abandon a politics of anxiety that is characterized by wild-eyed proposals and instead deliver ideas and practical solutions.”

Coons also warned that the growing Democratic push to abolish Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE), which enforces the nation’s immigration laws, is counterproductive.

Here’s the Democratic Party’s problem: Obama was so far left, he left little room for moderation.

Obama virtually socialized medicine. He virtually nationalized the banking and lending industry. He strangled business with so many regulations it will take 8 years for the Trump administration to reverse some of the damage.

What’s left for the Democratic Party to do, other than go all the way?

They have no new ideas, because — sadly — their leftist policies have carried the day. It’s amazing. Socialism is not nearly as popular as you’d think from all the government controls on our economy. Medicare. Medicaid. Social Security. Federalized education. The EPA. The FDA. The FCC. The FEC. These are all socialist — even fascist — types of agencies and programs. They are not the product of liberty, free markets, and the individualism embodied by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We have as much bureaucracy and control over the economy as any socialist country. The enforcement is not consistent, which saves us. But the apparatus is in place for the full nationalization and socialization only Democrats can bring us.

Senator Coons wants his party to “moderate”. But how do you moderate when you’ve enacted most of the socialist democratic agenda? Wouldn’t moderation mean preserving the mess that we have?

Democrats are the new conservatives. They want to keep the welfare and entitlement state going. They want to preserve what we have. They wish to conserve the welfare state — and expand it to the masses of third world countries, which is why they wish to get rid of ICE. ICE is the only federal agency standing in the way of an international socialist state.

You can’t be the party of “change” when you’ve already imposed so much on the population. The real radicals, today, are those who wish to move toward free markets, individualism, private property, individual liberty and capitalism.

The only opportunity for “moderation”, Senator Coons, is to pursue these things slowly and moderately. Your party will never budge an inch. The Obama years taught us that.

If you’re a Democrat and want moderation, your only option is the Republican Party.


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