Conspiracy Theorists and Paranoia Now Belong to the Left

In the old days, conspiracy theories were promoted by the right. Today, they’re promoted by the left.

Think about it. The entire Russia investigation into President Trump only began when attempts to invalidate his election in 2016 failed.

Without any evidence (nor any apparent perception that evidence was necessary) the investigation into President Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia proceeded full-steam ahead from late 2016 to the present day. Now, 18 months after it started, it has turned up nothing — except, incredibly, evidence that it was the Democrats in the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s campaign who were doing the spying … on Donald Trump!

It’s truly incredible. The television shows Homeland and House of Cards do not compare to what’s happening in real life these days.

The media, academia, the “deep state” federal agencies such as the FBI and the Democratic Party are dominated by hard left conspiracy theorists. Who would ever have thought it?

The fundamental error of a conspiracy theory is that it’s irrational and arbitrary. It relies on an arbitrary assumption that certain facts exist without any real objective evidence to support it. Not only is there no evidence to support the hard left’s premise that Donald Trump and his supporters are engaged in some kind of conspiracy against American democracy; no evidence is possible, because the news cycles and investigations proceed as if the nonexistent evidence already exists.

It’s a circular, internally self-contained imaginary frenzy of madness!

To this day, it does not occur to Democrats nor the hard left media and politically compromised FBI that Donald Trump is President because millions of Americans wanted him to be, and undoubtedly still do want him to be.

Evidently it’s easier for CNN-MSNBC leftists to imagine a conspiracy fantasy than to face the truth: That millions of Americans wanted Donald Trump to be President more than their sorry candidate.

Psychologically speaking, people become paranoid when they’re extremely anxious. They’re anxious over losing what they have, the status quo. Right-wing conspiracy theorists of the old days, the extent to which they existed, worried about the loss of liberty and individual rights in America. Their worries were valid, and events have continued to support their concerns as liberty has progressively (no pun intended) continued to decline since the days of the McCarthy hearings and the Cold War. However, their valid worries sometimes led to the manufacture of claims that weren’t necessarily true, nor even capable of being proved or disproved — the definition of a conspiracy theory right here.

Today’s Democrats and hard left establishment are neither rational nor just. They are NOT on the side of liberty, freedom, individual rights or the Constitution. They only care about American “democracy” when it gives them the votes they need to further wield a wrecking ball against what’s left of the U.S. Constitution. They are not in any remote way on the side of freedom and individual rights. Donald Trump still cherishes those things, even if inconsistently at times, but the Democratic Party does not care at all about them.

However, the Democratic Party is right about one thing: Their grip on power is not permanent and guaranteed. The fact that Hillary Clinton did not win is proof of this fact. Their status quo is threatened as never before.

Hence their severe anxiety and paranoia.

What remains to be seen is whether the Democrats who (the evidence now suggests) abused their power to spy on President Trump will ever be held accountable. We’re still waiting to see Hillary Clinton held accountable for crimes that would have long since landed a Republican Secretary of State or Senator in jail.

The millions of Americans who supported Donald Trump and voted him into the office of the Presidency are watching closely — and anxiously.

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