Off the Plantation and Out of the Closet: Another Rapper for Trump!

Chicago-based crooner Chance the Rapper seemed to show his support for fellow Chi-Town artist Kanye West’s beliefs about free thinking by pointing out that black people should not feel obliged to support the Democratic Party.

“Black people don’t have to be democrats,” Chance the Rapper wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, amid liberal uproar over Kanye West’s vocal admiration for President Donald Trump. [Source: Breitbart]

Don’t you love leftist uproar? I do. It’s the sound of individualism. Not from the leftists — but from the people they’re opposing.

It’s not only black rappers. It’s gays and lesbians who voted for Trump. It’s women who support Trump. It’s Jews. When you wander away from the plantation, or out of the closet, people who object do not act well. Why? Because you’re disturbing their world order. The world order does not exist in reality, but in their minds.

Leftists like to view themselves as advocates of peace, brotherhood, universal sharing and unconditional love. But when confronted with a gay/Jewish/black/female Republican, they’re forced to confront their own feelings — which are anything but tolerant and loving, as anyone who encounters such people knows.

How did “liberalism” become the establishment? Establishments happen when people stop thinking. Leftists thought their world view was the end of history. Specifically, they felt that Obama’s presidency was the dawn of a new era where nobody would ever question their ideas about socialism, economic egalitarianism, moral and cultural relativism or political correctness ever again. Trump’s election showed the battle is far from over.

“Plantations” are for sheep and slaves, and “closets” are for things you don’t want to see, think about or look at. It’s time for people who don’t agree with the way we think or do things — in government, or in society — to start saying they think so. We have let the moronic intimidate us for far too long.

It’s not really about Chance the Rapper or even President Donald Trump. It’s about independence and thought. We need more and more blacks, gays, women and Jews to wander off the plantations and come out of the closets in their opposition to the most puritanical and hardened Establishment we have ever seen.

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