Hitler Youth for the Twenty-First Century

It’s not as crazy an analogy as you might think.

Today’s students are trained in government-run schools.  The purpose of a government-run school is to instill what the government deems suitable conformity to the state. During the pre-Hitler years this was the case in German schools, and it’s definitely the case today, particularly with Common Core imposing its political agenda on students starting at the age of five or six.

Hitler Youth went in through the front door, so to speak. Children were trained to unthinkingly agree with the National Socialist (Nazi) state and arm themselves in preparation for eventual combat. Today’s Progressive Leftist Youth are taken in through the back door. They’re not explicitly trained to join the army and fight for Leader Obama or Hillary; but they are taught that all good little citizens support disarming the population, contrary to America’s historic Second Amendment.

The end result is the same: a morally, intellectually and ultimately a literally disarmed population.

Hitler used the youth of his era to turn them into good little soldiers. Today’s anti-gun left uses the youth of our era to make sure the citizens, once disarmed, are not only prevented from defending themselves against conventional criminals, but are no longer able to protect themselves against the biggest threat of all: Government dictatorship.

The key to making all this happen is government-run schools. Imagine if we had a private market for education, just like we have a private market for things like automobiles, groceries, technology and clothing. Different types of educational approaches would suit the needs of different types of students. Some schools would probably promote the pro-gun control ideology, while others would push the Second Amendment, and – the best schools, arguably – would not push a political agenda at all, and instead would focus on teaching students how to think. Imagine that!

The point is: There would be a choice. And the content would not be driven by the political agenda of those in power, always the political leftists – even during a Trump administration – because it’s the political leftists who manage and populate the federal education establishment. Nothing will ever get rid of them except shutting down that educational establishment and replacing it with a private market. Make them work for their money in a private market, and that will be the end of most of them.

In the Nazi-run public schools, students who did not join were frequently assigned essays with titles such as, “Why am I not in the Hitler Youth?” Is it a stretch to imagine today’s government-run schools assigning an essay along the lines of, “Why do I not support gun control in the midst of school shootings?” Students report being shunned or intimidated if they don’t follow the party line of most (if not all) school administrations to support gun bans for their own safety. How do the intimidation tactics of today’s government-run educational authorities differ from the tactics of the National Socialists of an earlier era?

While not all the tactics may be as horrible, it’s still a highly disturbing parallel. Because the intellectual and educational apparatus is already in place for a dictatorship: The indoctrination of young minds with the official state position.

Gun control advocates do not have reason or the Constitution on their side, and they know it. Consequently, they exploit the children in their government-run schools who have been brainwashed with socialist/Big Government/left-wing ideology from day one. Like all things leftist, it’s sad, pathetic and twisted. And like all things leftist, it’s paraded around as something virtuous. A lot like Hitler Youth of an earlier era.

All that’s left is for the people to give up and give in – and the government will take care of the rest.

Human history has always worked that way. And even in America, if we keep handing more and more of our liberty and individual sovereignty over to a corrupt federal establishment, the same will most certainly happen here.

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