Of Course Joe Biden Wants to “Beat the Hell” Out of President Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden has (again) said that he’d like to “beat the hell” out of President Donald Trump.

Mr. Biden does not explain why he does not feel similarly about Bill Clinton. Because while Donald Trump might have said he enjoyed the thought of grabbing women, Bill Clinton actually did so — again, and again, and again. And he repeatedly lied under oath about it.

Clearly, the issue here is political, and has nothing whatsoever to do with “respect for women”, as Biden claims to unthinking, fawning audiences. Because if Joe Biden respected women, he would want to beat up Bill Clinton just as much (if not more) than he wants to beat up Donald Trump.

The difference is that he agrees with Bill Clinton on politics, while he disagrees with Donald Trump on politics.

It’s all about violence and force for these Democratic socialists. And it makes perfect sense. Because they force you to pay for government-run schools. They force you to take part in Social Security and Medicare. They force you to take part in Obamacare. They force you to obey the unconstitutional, contradictory and often arbitrary whims of federal agencies like the IRS, the DEA, the FDA, the FCC and so many others.

Joe Biden’s political philosophy and party are all about force. If you don’t agree with their laws and rules, they will force you into prison, or force you to pay fines. You’re punished not for harming others, but for failing to follow their orders.

Joe Biden, who fancies himself a President, subscribes to the philosophy of force in everything he stands for and believes. He has done so for his interminable lifespan as a total career politician.

Socialism — “democratic” or otherwise — is all about force. That’s why so many of its advocates are violent. Even smiling Joe Biden.


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