It’s Not the FBI vs. President Trump, It’s the FBI vs. America

We’re told that President Trump is in a battle with the FBI.

But is it really the President versus the FBI? Or is it the FBI versus the American people?

Those who still have critical minds understand the FBI, like the rest of the federal government, works for the people. The people fund the FBI and it operates – or even continues to exist – at the pleasure of the people. Period.

To hear anti-Trumpers talk, the President has no business daring to take on the FBI. Why the hell not? Why the hell don’t any of us have the right if not responsibility to question our government when it strays so far from doing what it’s supposed to do?

The FBI has plainly failed at its most important task. That’s not true because President Trump says so, but because of the facts.

The most relevant and recent evidence for this assertion? The Parkland shooting.

From The Daily Caller:

An FBI executive admitted during a Senate hearing on Wednesday that the FBI failed to follow up on an “explicit” threat from Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Shortly after February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, news outlets reported that the FBI was alerted that Cruz made a threatening post on Youtube about how he wanted to become a school shooter.

During a Senate hearing on school shootings, David Bowdich, the FBI acting deputy director admitted that there was an “explicit” threat reported to the FBI that was not followed up on.

“No sir, we did not,” Bowdich said when asked if the FBI had reached out to local law enforcement to warn them about Cruz. “I do not know why the call taker did not do so. You know, she conferred with her supervisor and she made some sort of a presentation about what was contained in that call.”

“The call was very explicit however they made a decision to close it, no lead value, and no call was made to the local jurisdiction,” he concluded.

Instead of President Trump constantly on the defensive for daring to take on the FBI, why don’t American citizens demand the FBI justify its existence in the aftermath of its failure to prevent a school shooting they plainly could have prevented?

What good is the FBI if it spends all of its time trying to elect the candidate it wants for President and trying to oust the current President they don’t like, merely because that President dares to question or challenge them when they fail to do their job?

When you review the evidence coming out about the FBI, and even if you consider only 10 percent of it to be true, you can see it’s more than a crisis of politicization of the agency. Because the most compelling evidence of all is the FBI is not doing its job.

So here we have a massive and powerful federal agency that could potentially seize the property or weapons of a majority of private citizens at any time. We justify the existence of that massive and powerful federal agency by insisting that it protects innocent citizens from violent evildoers. Yet the FBI, by its own acknowledgement, had every chance of stopping the Parkland, Florida, school shooter and chose instead to focus its energies on going after President Trump and continuing to defend its failed candidate, Hillary Clinton, along with her cronies from the Obama administration and the many Republican weenies who fear them.

It’s not President Trump and his supporters who should be on the defensive. It’s the FBI itself. And the failure of Americans to grasp this fact shows just how badly the majority have lost sight of the Constitutionally enshrined fact that their government works for them – NOT the other way around.

President Trump appears to grasp this fact and generally acts as if he believes it. That’s why he has stirred up the Washington DC powers-that-be in a way that’s very inspiring, but also very dangerous. It’s dangerous because unless we support him and follow through on this challenge to our too-powerful government as far as it needs to go, that government – like an angry rattlesnake – will eventually strike back against those who dared to challenge it.

Donald Trump is not the dictatorship. The dictatorship is what we’re facing if he fails.

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