Seriously, Howard Schultz??

Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz said the following on Fox Business this morning:

“I personally did not believe that America needed a 21% corporate tax cut,” he said. “But, as a result of that, we gave a significant part of our tax benefit back to our people on top of what we had already done over the last couple of years.”

Now think about this for one minute. Like other corporate leftists, Schultz is against tax cuts. He claims they favor the rich, not anyone else, as if returning money to the rich who earned it is somehow a bad thing.

Yet in the exact same breath, he acknowledges that his own company gave the bulk of the tax benefit back to the employees. And he sees no conflict in his own positions! I guess this is what happens when you inhabit an intellectual echo chamber, like these hypocritical socialists in business, sports and entertainment obviously do.

Schultz went on to say:

“We are robbing from the future of young people in America who ultimately are going to have to pay for a $21 trillion tax deficit.”

Seriously? Where was he when Obama and the Congress — acting with Obama’s wishes — raised the national debt to $20 trillion? Granted, the additional trillion is primarily on President Trump and the Republicans, because it happened under their watch and I will make no excuses. But why is that additional one trillion robbery of future generations, while the previous $20 trillion under Obama never merited a mention?

Increasingly, I am speechless. I simply don’t know what else to say. The smugness and arrogance of corporate socialists seem to know no limits.

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