Feminist Business School Seeks to Eradicate Individualism, Merit and Competition

The Feminist Business School, founded by Evergreen State College graduate Jennifer Armbrust, teaches that capitalism is an “economy that values masculine traits” such as “meritocracy,” “competition,” and “individualism.”

Actually, meritocracy, competition and individualism are not valuable because “capitalism” likes them. They’re valuable because they work.

Try running any kind of business – or any successful human enterprise of any kind – without individual initiative, hard work, capability and results.

It applies equally to so-called “nonprofit” organizations. Do you want to give money to a charity that actually helps find a cure for cancer? Or are you OK if the donations go to fund yachts for the organization’s founders?

“Merit” is a concept referring to objective, rational achievement for the sake of the business/organization itself, as well as for those who donate or pay for the goods and services.

When feminists say those concepts are not fitting for women, they’re saying that women are not up to the job of meritocracy and individualism. How deeply insulting to those women who are.

The California-based site recently launched two more online courses to coach aspiring businesswomen on how to “topple the patriarchy” and promote a more “feminist economy.”

Shunning the “profit seeking motive” of traditional commerce, the Feminist Business School advocates that businesswomen adopt more “feminine traits” such as “gratitude,” “intimacy,” and “connecting with nature.”

But aren’t they seeking profit when they charge for these online courses? And even if they don’t charge, isn’t it a form of profit to spread your ideas? Don’t you profit from the fact that more people think the way you want them to think?

To claim that profit seeking is bad is to claim that you shouldn’t benefit from your hours and years of efforts at whatever you do. It’s madness, and the person espousing the madness does not practice the insanity. That’s where the insanity becomes badness, if not evil.

“The feminine economy proposes a new set of values and redistribution of money and power based on feminine principle,” argues Armbrust on the program’s website. As PJ Media reported last month, the school’s first offering was a “Concepts and Conceptions” course dedicated to helping women give “birth” to a feminist business.

Feminists think they can reinvent human nature and shape it in the image of how they view women. But women are human beings too. And it’s not disparaging to say “human nature” in this context. It’s in the nature of human beings to gain and achieve values. Financial profit is a major incentive, although not the only one in guiding the motivation of human beings.

These feminists appear to think motivation and gain are bad, wrong things. I’ll believe they believe it only when they live on the street as homeless persons.


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