Media Swooning Over North Korea: More Reason to Loathe NBC, CNN & Co.

Jeremy Hunt of Fox News writes:

American mainstream media outlets delivered plenty of propaganda on North Korea’s behalf this weekend. Somehow, as Kim Jong Un’s totalitarian regime continues to starve, torture and murder its own people—western news outlets are mesmerized by the dictatorship’s presence at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Take, for example, the following headlines – ones you’d normally expect to find in North Korea’s state-run media. On Saturday, I found them in my Twitter feed:“Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the winter Olympics”

“The ‘Ivanka Trump of North Korea’ captivates people in the South at the Olympics”

“North Korea’s cheerleaders steal spotlight at Winter Games with synchronized chants”

“North Korea is winning the Olympics—and it’s not because of sports”

The shameful coverage of this year’s Olympics began even before the opening ceremony. Last month, NBC’s Lester Holt caused a stir for his reporting from a North Korean ski resort in which he gleefully called it a “source of immense pride for a country trying to present a new and modern face to the world” ahead of the games. The flub prompted widespread criticism, but apparently that debacle was merely the precursor for what was to come once the games began.

As the opening ceremony unfolded in PyeongChang, television cameras were fixed on Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of dictator Kim Jong Un. Some in the media even compared her to Ivanka Trump. CNN noted that her “warm message” has apparently “struck a chord with the public.”


America’s media is in love with Communists. So what else is new? It has been this way for generations. The 1930s was called “The Red Decade”, not because Communism and socialism had won the hearts of Americans, but because socialism and Communism had won the hearts of their media and intellectuals.

Nothing has changed, based on the swooning, preening and fawning of NBC and other networks in the adoration of North Korea.

What is wrong with the highly educated? Why do so many of them worship at the altar of dictatorship and slavery, which is all Communism and socialism are?

Why is their response to living in a free country to yearn for the control and self-sacrifice of an enslaved and impoverished nation?

And if that love and yearning were sincere, wouldn’t they leave the free country – something they’re entirely free to do – and enter North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba immediately?

“The grass is always greener”. Communist countries inspire fawning in CNN, NBC and other media elites covering the Olympics. Something deeply disturbed leads such warped mentalities to crave the control of an autocratic government. Psychologists would call it masochism. I would also call it sadism, because their primary goal and desire appears to be imposing that slavery and dictatorship on the rest of us who do not want it. Not only do these media elites want to suffer; they want the rest of us to suffer too. For them, it would represent some kind of dark, sick and twisted victory over whatever motivates their ignorant, tormented and sorry excuses of souls.

I cherish liberty and freedom. For precisely the same reasons and on the exact same premise, I loathe slavery, totalitarianism and dictatorship. It does not matter what form that slavery takes – racial, religious, left-wing or right-wing. When I see highly educated and smirking, self-confident elites in media covering countries like North Korea with such sickening favoritism, it generates in me the exact same loathing I feel for dictatorship, only worse – because it’s a sickening, disgusting and utterly inexcusable betrayal I’m watching.

In effect, these elites are transmitting a message throughout the world (just like their hero Obama did): “We live in liberty and we’re ashamed of it. If only we could be more like you, North Korea (or Iran, Cuba or Venezuela). If only we could live up to your ideals. Shame on the imbeciles in our country who aren’t sophisticated enough to see it.”

Sick, distorted and twisted. They have no idea why so many of us despise them, and have long since tuned them out.

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