Not on MY Fifth Avenue!

Wealthy New Yorkers are furious that Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to open a homeless shelter in their ritzy Manhattan neighborhood.

Dozens of wealthy residents packed into a community meeting to voice their anger over the decision to move 150 homeless men into the former Park Savoy Hotel, NY1 reports. The residents are concerned that the move will increase crime and decrease property values in their neighborhood on “billionaires row.”

“How are these poor people, whose only livelihood is in one bag, deal with a $6 coffee and a $15,000 dress on the windows of Fifth Avenue?” asked one resident, a middle-aged man with a foreign accent. “Aren’t we breeding crime by doing this?” he asked, earning applause from the audience.


Given the 2016 election results in Manhattan, there’s an 86 (if not 98) percent chance the people howling over Mayor de Blasio’s movement of homeless people to Fifth Avenue voted Democratic. It’s almost certain they voted for Mayor de Blasio, too.

It just goes to show: Progressive leftism is a religion. And it’s a religion full of hypocrites.

It’s like the environmentally correct windmill farms off the expensive coastal regions where leftist millionaires have their second homes. “Not on my ocean!” they scream. It’s the same for Fifth Avenue.

Bill de Blasio is the more consistent, less hypocritical one here. Yes, he’s irrational. Government should not be involved in the charity business in the first place. Private charities are free to help homeless people any way they wish. Government will only enable and subsidize the problem, making it worse. Yes, it’s adding insult to injury to deliberately move these sad people to the wealthiest part of town. It is an invitation for crime, particularly since most of these homeless people are probably alcoholics or drug addicts and need finances to keep their addictions going. Yes, it violates the property rights of the people who own property. But since when do leftist Democrats care about anyone’s property rights, other than their own?

Nevertheles, Mayor de Blasio’s actions are consistent with the Marxist principle of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. They’re frankly fortunate that de Blasio doesn’t divide up their Fifth Avenue homes and spread the wealth among everyone equally — including the homeless.

Progressive democratic socialism, just like its forefather Communism, is only for the little people and the unconnected. The people who scream the loudest for it will never have to endure the consequences. It’s an unwritten rule, after all. Why do you think these leftists who inhabit elite Manhattan are so outraged over Mayor de Blasio’s decision to deliver on the moral code they claim to uphold?

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