Virtue-Signaling Alert: “Bigot” is the New “Racist”

Leftist types have worn out the word “racist”. Even they know it. That’s why they’re starting to use the word “bigot”.

That’s because the term “racism” has lost its punch. They have used it so often that it has worn down like the tires of a car with 100,000 miles on them.

Does this mean racism is no longer a valid concept? Not at all. The problem is that leftists have misused it. Properly understood, racism is (as Ayn Rand once wrote) a “primitive form of collectivism.” It’s an attempt to ignore one’s individual identity for the sake of the allegedly more important racial identity.

Advocates of individualism, personal responsibility and unhampered free market capitalism are actually the least racist. They generally favor meritocracy and individual, objective achievements. It’s the lefties who think of everyone in terms of their group identity.

Racism is what happens whenever you make group or genetic characteristics the most important aspect of a person’s character. Individualism is its only antidote.

That’s not how it works in today’s culture, however.

Support a strong defense? You’re a racist.

Want to obliterate ISIS as well as any other Islamic terrorist group? And do you want to check people out before entering the country, particularly if they’re Muslim, just to be safe, since 99 percent of all terrorism is done by Muslims in the name of Islam? You’re a racist. But isn’t Islam a religion — that is, a choice — and not a race? If you point that out … you guessed it, you’re a racist!

Support lower taxes? You’re a racist.

Think the government regulates the economy too much? You’re a racist.

Want to see Obamacare repealed? Only a racist could think that.

Believe that the United States is a separate, sovereign country and not part of the “new world order” of primarily socialist states? You’re a racist.

The implication is that people of color need socialism. They cannot survive under capitalism, according to Democrats and leftists. They cannot handle freedom, and therefore people who advocate imposing liberty are not only wrong, but evil. How insulting to people of color! Yet if you point out this contradiction, as an attempt to fight against Democratic leftist racism, you’re labeled a racist.

Petulant, dishonest and downright childish attacks like this eventually wear thin. Republicans, especially since Donald Trump came along, are far less prone to be put off by being called a racist. They’re desensitized to it by now, and nearly everyone realizes it has become an absurd parody.

So “bigot” will be the next term. I’m already hearing it, and I bet you are too. Some are even talking about “punch a bigot” day. You saw what happened to Senator Rand Paul for his dissenting views. His neighbor physically attacked him.

“Donald Trump is a bigot. Only bigots support Trump.” What’s the basis for calling Trump or Republicans bigots? The exact same basis for calling them racists. Only the name has changed.

For the record, I looked up the word “bigot” in the dictionary. I read: “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions”.

Good grief. If that doesn’t describe the typical leftist even better than their previous term of choice, “racist”, then I don’t know what does.

So fasten your seat belts, deplorables. After years of being called a racist, you’re about to join the ranks of the bigots.

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