Trump Derangement Syndrome: What Is It?

What’s Trump Derangement Syndrome? It’s not about Donald Trump.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is hatred. It’s hatred of anything associated with opposition, dissension or departure from all things related to government activism and “social justice”.

It’s hatred of capitalism. It’s hatred of individual rights. It’s hatred of the Constitution, as it was originally conceived with severely limited powers for the federal government, and no income tax. Even if Donald Trump does not always stand for these things, he represents a departure from the consistent socialist/Communist line now espoused by most Democrats.

It’s hatred and loathing for anything that challenges what they believe. Because when you question the beliefs or views of someone with Trump Derangement Syndrome, you have blown a fan on the psychological house of cards propping up their faux self-esteem.

Like most distorted emotions, Trump Derangement Syndrome is based on irrational fear. To the Democrats who acted like sullen children during President Trump’s State of the Union address, the fear is of losing power. Their neurotic sense of power comes from feeling superior. The way they get to feel superior is by making people dependent on government programs that enhance their own sense of superiority and power. It also makes them financially wealthy, causing them to lash out at the rich they despise because on some level, they have got to despise themselves for becoming what they claim to loathe.

Rational people do not gain self-esteem or confidence from exercising power over others. They obtain confidence and self-esteem by developing and using their minds to produce valuable products, services or personal and family relationships. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton — and many of their Republican counterparts like John McCain — have literally nothing but government power. It’s all they know, it’s all they want or care about, and it’s the only thing that makes them feel alive or human. Why else do they remain in office decade after decade?

President Trump and his supporters threaten them because they stand in the way of unlimited government growth, spending and regulation mandated and managed by socialist Democrats. He is brash, blunt and not afraid to treat them as the phony sycophantic power-lusters they plainly are. Perhaps Donald Trump’s greatest offense, in their eyes, is that he truly does not want or need any of this. He values the country and what remains of our Constitution, but he does not value what they crave.

To the corrupt who rule our Imperial City, Donald Trump is the real enemy. He reminds them of what they are. He makes Democrats in particular wild with rage. That’s why they will not stop until they destroy him. Because if he prevails, all they’re about will wither away.

If Trump succeeds, they will not matter. Not only will their power diminish. They will have to confront the fact they have lived parasitical, wasted lives in a corrupt city mooching off the talents, brains and efforts of real people. The truth hurts. Especially those who have denied objective reality and simple truths for their entire lives.

When you see that look of hatred on the faces of Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, it’s not really about Donald Trump. It’s fear and self-loathing with nowhere to go. It’s misery, the same misery they’ve inflicted on others reflected back into themselves.

If only they would go away, how much better off our country would be.


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