The Real Reason Feminists Don’t Care About Women in Iran

Why do feminists remain silent on the plight of women persecuted by male theocratic dictators in Iran?

Think about what feminism is. Feminism is not a form of individualism. The feminist “ideal” would not lead to liberty and meritocracy. Feminists do not want capitalism or private property. They seek the psychological and social shelter of the collective.

Granted, a theocratic regime like Iran does not represent the feminist ideal. But it departs from their ideal far less than the individualism, economic freedom and private property meritocracy epitomized by America.

In short, feminists hate America and what it stands for much, much more than they hate Iran and what it stands for.

Iran seeks to destroy America. That’s good enough for feminists. It’s not really hypocrisy. It’s more a matter of sacrificing these poor suffering women who live under state-imposed Islam for the greater good of transforming America into a socialist, collectivist haven.

When you make your gender the center of your identity, you give up the pride, self-esteem, self-respect and sense of authentic independence that only reason, rationality and individualism can deliver. The same goes for people who make their race or their sexual orientation the center and exclusive aspect of their identity.

Of course feminists don’t care about the plight of individual women in Iran under Islam. They don’t care about individuals period. Their only interest is in making the world a haven for group identity politics and economic/cultural mandates. In that quest, America has got to go first.

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