President Trump’s Speech Today on National Security: Insert Applause Here

“Economic security is national security,” said President Trump today.

Absolutely right. Because economic security can only happen if there’s economic liberty. If there’s no economic liberty, there’s no prosperity, there’s no way to build a strong defensive force, and there’s frankly nothing worth fighting for.

That’s the key to what made America great in the past, what still makes America great despite the wrecking ball rendered by decades of welfare-regulatory statism/socialism, by eight years of Obama in particular and by callous, clueless careerist politicians in both parties.

About China, President Trump stated that it espouses free trade rhetoric and exploits its benefits, but only adheres selectively to the rules and agreements. That’s because nations like China are not free countries. They are government-managed fascist economies, where prosperity is considered both the responsibility and domain of the government.

That’s how Democrats (and some Republicans) view the American economy, and increasingly they have sadly made that a reality with their massive transfers of wealth, manipulative tax codes and paralyzing regulations.

But the fact remains: you don’t have free trade unless you first have economically and politically free countries. China is not such a country, and the United States must work hard to restore its status as that of an economically free country. If we ever do, we will demolish the competition.

Other points made in the speech, summarized in my own words:

Politicians make trade agreements for their benefit, not the benefit of Americans as a whole or the economy.

Recent presidents have engaged in nation building and put America last with regard to national security. Witness the growing threats of North Korea and Iran, two threats evaded or even enabled by the Obama administration.

Immigrants are permitted into the country not to foster liberty but to inflate the power and numbers of the party usually in power, the Democratic Party. That has to stop.

American citizens are repeatedly left to bear the cost and pick up the tab for protecting ungrateful and disloyal, unfriendly nations such as Pakistan.

America’s government and politicians have completely lost sight of the Constitution, and both the spirit and the letter of what America’s purpose was always supposed to be, a free country with respect for its own borders, boundaries and principles. A nation without borders is not a nation. Obvious, but totally denied by the last President.

Defense matters. It’s the primary if not exclusive mandate for the federal government in America’s original Constitution. ISIS, Iran and North Korea have to  be fought and defeated, because victory for them is not an option. It sounds obvious and simple, but it’s the exact opposite of the prior administration’s theory and practice. We’re starting to reverse course and actually win some of the battles.

No matter how much bad leaders and politicians demoralize and weaken America, a free and great country is always capable of a comeback. And yes, it’s true, America has come back many times and here’s hoping it will again.

NeverTrumpers find nothing good in President Trump and Democrats find nothing good in America. That’s why both will hate this speech. It’s also why it’s a magnificent one.

Bravo, President Trump. I thought America was done for after electing Barack Obama not once but twice. Reports of America’s death may have been just a tiny bit premature. We shall soon see.



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