Why Democrats/Progressives Will Never Be Sorry

Most of the scandals breaking on sexual harassment involve prominent Democrats, or their friends (e.g., Charlie Rose) in the overwhelmingly Democratic, progressive media establishment. Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is an exception, but Roy Moore has not acknowledged any wrongdoing and there’s no serious evidence to support the accusations other than decades-old hearsay.

Will the Democrats and progressives become at least a little humbled now that so many of their own have been saddled with convincing sexual harassment and sexual predatory charges? Not a chance. They never did with Bill Clinton. Why would they now?

It’s called the psychology of superiority.

Take a different example, also recently in the news. It involves the irate progressive Democrat who attacked Republican Senator Rand Paul while he mowed his lawn. It illustrates exactly what I mean by the psychology of superiority.

How did a United States senator—just out mowing his lawn—wind up in an altercation that put him in the hospital? Was it a politically motivated attack? Or was it something far more petty? To separate rumor from reality, Ben Schreckinger slipped inside Rand Paul’s gated Kentucky community, where the neighbors tried to help him solve one of the weirder political mysteries in years.

If it is possible for a man, as he’s being hauled in front of a judge for his arraignment, to somehow still project an air of haughty superiority, well, that man would look like Rene Boucher  [Senator Rand Paul’s attacker] did as he appeared in court just over a week ago.

A retired anesthesiologist, Boucher—who stands accused of a bizarre beating earlier this month that left his neighbor, the Kentucky senator Rand Paul, with six broken ribs—strode into the jammed courtroom wearing a well-pressed blue suit. His back was ramrod straight, his head was held high, his nose not quite in the air. Seven other accused criminals who joined Boucher on the court’s docket that morning had been schlepped to the courthouse from the adjoining county jail in orange jumpsuits.

Not Boucher. He’d stayed the night before at a friend’s place—all the easier to comply with the court order requiring him to remain at least 200 feet away from his badly injured neighbor, whose house sits exactly 269 feet from Boucher’s own.

Progressives are not remorseful. They do not change their ways. Most progressives are not guilty of sexual assault or violence, of course. But they do suffer from profoundly wrong ideas, ideas shown to be wrong both in theory and practice, over and over and over again. They are not humbled by anything, not even by facts. And it makes perfect sense they will never be. Why not?

Progressives consider themselves morally superior. They sense – correctly – that morality is a powerful force. They have latched themselves onto the prevailing idea of morality that the individual’s sole purpose in life is to serve others. Many conservatives have accepted this same attitude about morality. Conservatives tend to focus more on service to God, church, family or community, while progressives focus more on service to the national or federal government, whom they fantasize speaks for all of the community (so long as it’s run by progressives, of course).

That’s why progressive, socialist ideas have remained on the scene, no matter how many failures the world witnesses in places like former Soviet Russia, previously Maoist China, starving North Korea, miserable Cuba and now starving Venezuela.

Progressivism and socialism do not have to correspond with rational facts. It’s because progressives are confident – indeed, certain – that they have morality on their side. And so long as they have morality on their side, they know they will win –even if they are wrong, which they always are.

Conservatives will reply that they also care about self-sacrifice for the sake of others. But conservatives are inconsistent. They still insist upon things like private property, capitalism, for-profit ventures, and the self-interested individual rights to bear arms and choose one’s ideas, thoughts and philosophy or religion. Progressives morally condemn all those things, other than for their own leaders, of course.

Conservatives are imperfect and inconsistent, whether represented by Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump, but they nevertheless advance some of the right ideas some of the time. Progressives do not. Progressives are consistent. They are 100 percent about self-sacrifice, at least for everyone other than themselves. They make no bones about the fact that your life does not belong to you; it belongs to the government, they insist, which is how they justify unlimited taxation, unlimited spending, unlimited debt creation and things like banning firearms and imposing Obamacare on the masses. It’s all for what they claim is “the greater good”.

Why do you think progressives and Democrats literally had the equivalent of a collective psychological breakdown when Trump won the presidency? It wasn’t about Donald Trump winning so much as their losing. To progressives, when Democrats are out of power, it’s kind of like God has left the building. Government is their God. But their God can only operate when people like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are in charge of the whole show. If that doesn’t happen, they’re lost, frightened and subsequently enraged. It will not end until they regain the power to which they feel morally entitled because — in their minds — they are morally superior.

If you consider yourself morally superior to your enemy, you will never respect them, nor concede even a little bit of defeat. That’s why none of these sexual harassment charges against primarily Democrats and progressives will ever change anything.

When it comes to the idea of self-sacrifice, Democrats hold the lead. Yes, they are unimaginable hypocrites. But they prey upon the sense of unearned guilt and unjustified humility in people who lack the self-confidence to assert their own — and therefore America’s — legitimate power in the world. Unless you count the right to a blow job, a marijuana joint or a free abortion as the essence of liberty, there are no pro-liberty sentiments on the progressive side of the aisle. There are only pro-progressive sentiments. Either you’re in with their way of thinking, or you’re out.

That’s the mindset of a totalitarian or a fascist, and that’s why progressives have become so dangerous to the remnants of our democratic republic founded by much wiser men in far more principled times. If you doubt me, simply watch what happens the next time Democratic leftists gain total control of the government. They are not letting a Donald Trump ever happen again. Trump is up against more than even his most fervent and loyal supporters realize.

The total absence of remorse or self-accountability on the progressive left for the sins of their statesmen is consistent with its total disregard for liberty, individualism and the sovereign rights of the individual. And don’t think for a moment they will ever reform or change. They’re just fine with the way they are. It’s the rest of us who have to watch out.


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