Tax Cuts For the Rich? So What?

“Tax cuts for the rich! Tax cuts for the rich!” screams one side.

“Tax cuts benefit the middle class — not the rich!” insists the other side, defensively.

Why are the rich so hated? Why does everyone seem to agree on this point?

Economically, wealth is a sign of health. Morally, wealth is a sign of productivity and success. Since when did success become questionable, or even evil? What is wrong with people who claim or imply that it is? I want to see the social justice warriors, socialists, Democrats and Communists on the defensive for a change. Just once.

Why is giving money back to people who earned and produced it such a bad thing, to be avoided at all costs?

What’s the alternative to giving money back to the people from whom it was taken? Letting the government keep it. What makes the government more intellectually or morally qualified to spend the money than the people who earned it? Does anyone seriously think the politicians in D.C. are superior to the people who actually work for a living and create their own wealth, rather than spending other people’s profits? Would Nancy Pelosi ever have invented Windows or the iPhone? Could Paul Ryan ever make a business profitable? Seriously?

Why is this so complicated?

Everyone benefits from reducing the size and scope of government. Yes, the middle class benefit. And so do the rich. And so do the poor. Because the poor are dependent on a growing economy. If government takes all or most of the wealth away from the economy, the poor will be first and hardest hit. If some of the poor depend on charity, they fare better in a world where people have money to give away rather than giving all or most of it to the government. Ask anyone who depends on government charity and they’ll tell you it’s an inhumane, insensitive and plodding, contradictory bureaucracy more than actual help.

Why is all of this so complicated? No matter what the issue, government is not the solution. Government is the problem. Wealth distribution is contradictory, unfair and unjust. The less we have of it, the better. When it’s totally gone, we’ll be even better off. We all need a free society. It’s as simple as that.

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